The One World Order Will Fail, Humans Will Never Live Together in Peace – The Global betray of Serbs

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An interesting analysis comes from It’s always good to see the things from diffrent perspectives, especially when the author(s) hit the nail in several points:
As the latest round of violence between Orthodox Christian Serbs and Sunni Muslim Albanians flares not on the battlefield, but on the grass of the soccer stadium, it is time again to revisit the complexities of the never ending strife which humanity has experienced since Kane slew Able.

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The acceleration of available technologies in the consumer market that were once primarily reserved for specialized application in the scientific research and military realm – has allowed the impulsive consumer to utilize mechanism to further political agendas or simultaneously carry out criminal acts. An example of this has been demonstrated by the Muslim Albanian brother of the US/EU/UN/IMF/WTO/NATO/World Bank/Saudi Arabian-backed Prime Minister of Albania and his violent ilk; flying an unmanned aerial vehicle over the Belgrade soccer stadium with a payload of propaganda artwork which calls for the murder of more Christian Serbs and further theft of Christian lands in the Balkans.

Ever since the major Western energy companies used the United States and NATO as forceful means to take over the natural resource access in South Eastern Europe, a convoluted phenomenon has intoxicated Albanians to peruse an expansionist cultural and national policy which involves any method at their disposal, including psychotic blood lust to spread fear and chaos through not only the Balkans, but also the whole of Europe.


The internationalist finance networks which have toiled for many centuries to form a global society, a global government, pegged by the universal slavery of usury extortion, have but a few remaining obstacles to overcome before the final stages of conflict with the East are ignited.

During WWII (as in WWI) the Serbs were loyal and highly capable allies of the United States and Western Europe; proven over and over again. The partnership to rid Europe of the 3rd Reich menace held fast in the Yugoslav Serb ranks – even as the minions of Hitler’s Final Solution closed in on Christendom. This period in European history showed large comparisons to the high Middle Ages when Muslim Ottoman Turks – after sacking the greatest Christian city and last great symbol of Ancient Rome, Constantinople – entered Europe and carried out forced conversions of Christian Slavs to Islam. Many of these Slavic kingdoms, fiefdoms, and principalities resisted the Muslim Turks and others did not. The reason for Islam being the primary religion of Albania and Bosnia in the present stems from this time as the ancestors ofAlbanians largely converted to Islam over the generations. The Islamic ideology of the past has seen resurgence in the Balkans following the breakup of Yugoslavia and the arrival of Central Asian Muslim Caliphate proponents from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the Arabian Peninsula. This variable was/is fomented by the Anglo-American covert operations bulwark which continues to be the primary proliferator of the black market narcotics trade around the globe.

After the illegal and immoral bombing of Serbia in 1999 by the martial extensions of London, Brussels, Ankara, Berlin, Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Oslo, Rome, Lisbon, Ottawa, Prague, Warsaw, and Budapest – Serbia has seen its ancient heart of Kosovo taken from it and occupied by a binary mercenary force of irregular Muslim Albanian terrorists and rotating NATO maneuvering units. This of course is all part of the continuing agenda by the men that belong to ancient mystery schools, who fantasize about their fore fathers occult calling mature; made possible by the Information Age and coming Nano Age.

Recent developments in Libya, Syria, Yemen, and Iraq are but the same occurrences of the Balkan warsof the late 20th Century. Even now as one useful group rejoices at the fall of their perceived rivals in another useful group, the eradication of all is still the main goal whispered in the pathways of NGO sectors, University societies, and Central Banking-dependent rigged-markets. Even now Albanians are feeling growing contempt (Muslim Albanian terror plot on Ft. Dix) for the NATO presence in Kosovo (Muslim Albanian attack on American missionaries) and also E.U. interference in Tirana’s puppet regime.

The exploitation of historical hatreds is nothing new, but it has never been more dangerous since technology makes it now possible to instantaneously cause catastrophic harm to people’s lives on a mass scale. Like the deranged Albanians showing their true colors yet again at a soccer match. Like the Serbs having to choose survival over comfort. No matter what the power brokers have in store for the plebs of Earth – human beings will never, ever embrace each other as a united species. At least not until prophecy is fulfilled…

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