Albanian fanatics attack again: Patriarchate of Pec: the Albanian Wahhabi Muhamed Beciri violated and shouted at nuns

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Even though ‘Kosovo’ Albanian ‘ministers’ (i.e. Bajram Rexhepi, Hasim Taci) are trying by all means to convince public and international community that there’s absolutely no radical islamists nor any possibility of islamist terror in so called state of Kosovo,  the lates ongoings (‘incidents’) prove the opposite.
MUhabed Beciri

Two days after threats and graffiti ISISL, ISIS Caliphate  in Visoki Decani monastery, Albanian terrorists strike again!  The Albanian islamists have attacked one of the holliest places for Orthodox Serbs – the Pec Patriarchate,. The assault occured when an Kosovo Albanian Wahhabist named Muhamed Beciri, 22 years old, got into the monastery, shouted, screamed and insulted the nuns, all elredly women between 70  – 90 years old.

When it comes to Albanians, even the UNESCO is helpless:

(The Patriarchate of Peć is a Serbian Orthodox monastery located near Peć, in Kosovo and Metohija During the last 800 years, the complex of churches is the spiritual seat and mausoleum of the Serbian archbishops and patriarchs. In 1947, the Patriarchate of Peć was added to Serbia‘s “Monument of Culture of Exceptional Importance” list, and on 13 July 2006, due to constant Albanian attack,  it  was listed the UNESCO‘s World Heritage .  as an extension of the Visoki Dečani site which was overall placed on the List of World Heritage in Danger.) 

Beciri was known as a Wahhabi who, like many his compatriots,  participated in Syrian war as an ISIL/ ISIS member.

The Albanian radical islamists have been trained on the battlefields of the Middle East, and they cause incidents (in conjuctution?) with the tolerance of  the KLA structures nad veterans, NATO, Kosovo police, and EULEX.

Albanians use a holly war (i.e.jihad) as a pretext to attack everything that’s Serbian, since the Serbs are ‘infidels’,  so are their  shrines, even though the shrines were UNESCO listed and under the protection of the Organization..

Unfortunately, as it already happened before, Serbian puppet governemt didn’t miss the chance to prove how little they care about Serbian historic and spiritual heritage, so they turned the blind eye.


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