Veljun, Croatia :Ossuary and plates with the names of the Serbs killed by Croatian Nazi Ustasha 1941. toppled down for the 7th time

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Croatian ‘thieves’ tried to steal the bells from the nearby Orthodox church, but due to their weight they dropped one, so the neighbor heard the noise. Veljun, Slunj, Kordun, Croatia –  After Sept. 13. when Croats have ravaged and desecrated ossuary and memorial to Serbs murdered by Croats in several massacres1941, and stole 13 plaques containing the names of the murdered,  another  similar attack took place last weekend. Croatian police did not submit any report about this fascist barbarism. It was done by local Serbs, who, even though suppressed and under constant threat, have managed to reach media and public. The thieves  have been so self confident that they wouldn’t take no consequence, so they left their vehicle (a van) with personal documents and an invoice in the compartment. Representative of local Serbs, Sinisa Ljubojevic,  stresses that this is just another act of Croatian chauvinism and fanatic intolerance towards Serbs.

SpomenikHidden behind  the metal bars:  European Union, Croatia:  The monuments are prisoners when the victims are Serbs and executors are Croats 

The thieves are so self confident that they can care freely steal, urinate, devastate anything that has to do with Serbs, since that’s  acceptable in the Croatian society.

His colleague Kosanovic believes that it’s the last moment to break the silence and inform the EU institution, since Croatia is their member state: –  This is not a mere coincidence, but an organized crime under the protection of the officials. Apparently, the goal is to destroy all the traces of centuries old existence of Serbs in Kordun. Kordun, UstaseKordun, World War II, The Croats (‘Ustasha’) in the uniform bringing Serbs for executions 

We were under pressure not to speak about such crimes against antifascist memorials after Serbs murdered by Croats, but enough is enough. We have no choice – they attack our churches again, and their  next step will be blasting our homes! Should we wait and let it happen again?  


During the last decade, the ossuary and monument were vandalized at least seven times, and local Orthodox church twice. One of the largest mass slaughter of the Serbian population in the Nazi puppet Independent State of Croatia took place from 6 to 8 May 1941, when Croats killed 520 Serbs, mostly men, from Veljun area. In April  the same year, top of Nazi Croatian Ustasha assassinated Joseph Mravunac and his family , local miller and Croat, and to blame it on Serbs from Veljun . But that only  served as a pretext for one of the first mass crimes against Serbs in mostly Serbian Kordun .

The Ustasha government had appointed a Commission in charge of investigating the assassination of  Mravunac . However , according to Dusan Korac ( from the book published after the WW II ”  Kordun i Banija u narodnooslobodilačkoj borbi i socijalističkoj revoluciji”  ” Kordun and Banija in the national liberation struggle and socialist revolution ” ) , Croatian newspaper ” Croatian people” announced in the news that the responsible were “troop of  Serbs, the  thugs, who robbed and killed the Mravunac family ” In few days mass arrest of Serbs, began.

First they arrested prominent Serbs, and then all 16 – 60 years old, and finally every Serb they found. History remembers that the Croats publicly invited Serbs, i.e. anyone who is innocent had to come by  to Veljun. About 520 men were taken to Blagaj for ,,hearing”, but they weer bestially killed instead.

The bloody Croatian orgy lasted for three days. The victims were thrown to the bottom of the pit. One Serb, Dusan Niksic,  managed to save his life by escape. After they exterminated Serbs from Veljun, the Croats from Blagaj covered and buried the massacred and proclaimed that the Serbs from Veljun were taken to Germany “to work”. The Veljun  massacre was only a prelude to later crimes of  the Nazi puppet Croats against anti fascist Serbian population. According to the records of the Sate commission for the lists of the victims of War, the Ustasha killed in Veljun a total of 768 Serbs, meanwhile the total of Serbs from Kordun was over 27 000.

After the World war II, the victims were dug up and moved to the memorial ossuary. However, in 2000, the residents of nearby Blagaj prevented the memorial service after the massacred Veljuni Serbs, which was to be held on the occasion of suffering Serbian civilians who were killed by Croats on 6th May that year.

Next year ‘the unknown perpetrators’ threw the flowers and candles that were placed at the memorial, urinated oll over the memorial and sprayed the U letter ( the official Ustasha  symbol). The monument was desecrated in 2006 again when the ‘unknown perpetrators” stole 14 metal plates with engraved names of the victims.


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