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The One World Order Will Fail, Humans Will Never Live Together in Peace – The Global betray of Serbs

October 20, 2014 by


An interesting analysis comes from It’s always good to see the things from diffrent perspectives, especially when the author(s) hit the nail in several points: As the latest round of violence between Orthodox Christian Serbs and Sunni Muslim Albanians flares not on the battlefield, but on the grass of the soccer stadium, it is […]

October 14, Belgrade, Serbia: When Nazi flag is protected by FIFA and the US passport

October 15, 2014 by


There was a football match between Serbia and Albania in Belgrade. The match was considered risky. But all was just peaceful, even though the Albanians have, with the help of NATO and USA, illegally stole Kosovo and Metohija, and cause troubles in other parts of Serbia as well. But the Serbs were tollerant. A general […]

Albanian fanatics attack again: Patriarchate of Pec: the Albanian Wahhabi Muhamed Beciri violated and shouted at nuns

October 14, 2014 by


Even though ‘Kosovo’ Albanian ‘ministers’ (i.e. Bajram Rexhepi, Hasim Taci) are trying by all means to convince public and international community that there’s absolutely no radical islamists nor any possibility of islamist terror in so called state of Kosovo,  the lates ongoings (‘incidents’) prove the opposite. Two days after threats and graffiti ISISL, ISIS Caliphate […]

Ebola is a part of planned genocide, WHO officials should be put on trial for mass murder, says World’s top epidemiologist Tomislav Prvulovic. *

October 13, 2014 by


WHO, with Margaret Chen as a head, need to be put on trial, because they are responsible for death of thousands of people, who have died needlessly, says New Jersey-based epidemiologist Tomislav Prvulovic. It’s a question of hour,  when the Ebola will ‘arrive’ to Serbia.  – Prvulović, one of the world’s leading experts in tropical […]

The Ancient Serbian Monastery Receiving Threats from Albanians Again: CALIPHATE is COMING, KLA, ISIS

October 12, 2014 by


The facilities within Decani monastery have been vandalized again!  The “unknown persons” wrote the grafiti: ISIS ( the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) ,  ” Chaliphate is coming ” , ” UCK ” ( so called Kosovo Liberation Army ) , ” Aksha ” ( Albanian National Army ), etc. The threats have been printed […]

Djakovica, Kosovo and Metohija, Occupied Territories: Mass graves with murdered Serbs discovered

October 6, 2014 by


 EULEX Prosecutor,  War Crimes Prosecutor of Serbia are to start joint investigation concerning the information on the existence of mass graves of Serbs in the village of Piskota near Djakovica. Klecka – murdered Serbs – The monstrous crime in Klecka is still unpunished War Crimes Prosecutor of Serbia in cooperation with the EULEX Investigation Unit […]

Veljun, Croatia :Ossuary and plates with the names of the Serbs killed by Croatian Nazi Ustasha 1941. toppled down for the 7th time

October 3, 2014 by


Croatian ‘thieves’ tried to steal the bells from the nearby Orthodox church, but due to their weight they dropped one, so the neighbor heard the noise. Veljun, Slunj, Kordun, Croatia –  After Sept. 13. when Croats have ravaged and desecrated ossuary and memorial to Serbs murdered by Croats in several massacres1941, and stole 13 plaques […]