“I’m ready to die, but there will not be any cross! We want peace, but thee will be NO cross in Sarajevo!”

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SARAJEVO – Sarajevo resident Mirza Hatić / 27 / confirmed that he has been at the forefront of a group of young men who have tried to overthrow the Orthodox Christian Cross in Zlatiste, erected in memory  of thousands murdered Sarajevo Serbs. Hatic and his companions have threatened to demolish the cross again if it is not removed within two days. “I’m ready to die, but the cross will not be there. We don’t mind anyone, not even the Serbs, and we want peace. However, those who are trying to mislead us will not succeed  so the cross has to be removed. If it won’t be removed within two days, we shall go to destroy it.”Hatic says. Krme ,,I want peace but only without cross in Sarajevo” – Mirza Hatic He added that last night his group of about twenty young men in vehicles tried to overthrow the cross. “We did not manage to overthrow it, because the police arrived and arrested us.Afterwards they took us to the station in Pale. We were not touched, nor beaten. The prosecutor released us soon,”
The cross in Zlatiste was erected in memory of the more than 6,500 killed Sarajevo Serbs,  killed by Bosnian Muslim army  from 1992 to 1995, when the whole families seized to exist due to the constant free hunt on Sarajevo Serbs. What they didn’t want us to know: Death camp for Sarajevo Serbs one of the most notorious, known as the Sarajevo Auschwitz – former Yugoslav army camp, Viktor Bubanj : 
The lists of the murdered Serbs of Sarajevo are supported with strong concrete evidence such as: complete names, addresses, the exact location of the crime, etc. Furthermore, the private property of these exterminated Serbs has been identified as well. Bosnian Muslim War crimes in Sarajevo:
But that property has now been seized by Muslims from Bosnia and Herzegovina and even by those of non-European origin. The Vatican, EU and USA do not take these facts into consideration, probably because they were involved in organizing and arming the Croatian and Bosnian Muslim military formations during the disintegration of Yugoslavia. When these atrocities took place in the period between 1992 and 1995, the West (the same players named above) was well-informed of these crimes, executed by the Bosnian Muslims against the Serbs of Sarajevo. Serbian mother mourns her loved ones murdered by Oric.0[1] However, the West kept this information hidden from the general public and did not notify the UN of it, let alone pursue any course of action to put an end to this rampage. From the standpoint of international rights, when one ignores crimes committed by others he becomes a co-perpetrator. The reason why the EU, Vatican and USA supported these mass crimes against Serbs will be explained and exposed by history. source: http://www.nezavisne.com/novosti/drustvo/Hatic-Poginucu-ali-tog-krsta-nece-biti-264339.html http://www.balkaninsight.com/rs/article/jauci-iz-viktor-bubnja
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