The Legend of the Spirally Twisted Trees – Prolom near Toplica, Serbia

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The legend says that in the eve of the Battle of Kosovo (between the Serbian Kingdom and Ottoman Empire), on 25 June 1389. the army of Prince Lazar came to a small church near the village of Prolom.  Spiraln drvoThey stopped there to worship. During the religious ceremonies they walked six times around the church, and as the army walked around, planted plum trees turned following their direction . The army continued on, towards the battlefield and destruction, but the trees remained spirally twisted.  Spiralno drToday, six centuries later, they still remain as a memory of one so important but almost forgotten event. This is just one of many myths that still can be heard in Toplica area, central Serbia. However, what really attracts attention is the fact that plums at the churchyard continue to grow the same way, providing new reasons for different interpretations and traditional beliefs, but also another task to science, which, so far, has no logic explanation. Spral drvo                  Spiralno drvo

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