Sefquet Krasniqi, Albanian Imam of the Great Mosque of Pristina arrested for terrorism

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The imam of the Great Mosque of Pristina, Shefqet Krasniqi has been arrested in the early hours of the morning.

Sources within police of Kosovo have confirmed to IBNA news agency that the imam in question has been arrested. The real motives of his arrest are still not known, but his name has been often mentioned for encouraging Islamic extremism.

Baki Kelani, spokesman at the Police of Kosovo says that this morning, police forces launched an operation, nevertheless, up until now, there’s no information about any arrested person.


Sefqet Krasnici became ‘famous’ after his statement in May when the floods hit Serbia, that’s it’s blessing for Albanians, and ‘God’s punishment for Serbs’
Only one month earlier, Krasniqi begged God to stop punishing Albanians and to let rain fall in Kosovo because the drought lasted a few months and there was a shortage of drinking water.

Several weeks ago, police of Kosovo have arrested more than 40 suspects for terrorism. They were suspected of participating or attempting to participate in terrorist Islamic groups, such as ISIS and Al-Nusra and Syria and Iraq. 

Earlier this year police have arrested Imam of the El-Kuddus Mosque in Gnjilane Zekerija Cazimi, who was known as one of the main instigators of the jihad in Kosovo.

Albanians are experienced in Jihad:

List of the ancient Serbian Orthodox Churches destroyed in Albanian jihad:



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