Kiev: Hunta Involved in Organ Harvesting – Same As Forced Organ Harvesting in Kosovo, Bosnia, Syria, Organ Harvesting in Ukraine Goes Unreported

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Have all the US, NATO supported sides in conflicts been, with no exception, paying for the intervention in their behalf (and) with human organs of their enemies and opponents? Starting with former Yugoslavia conflict, the script didn’t change, but there’s one more constant: rumors and testimonies about savage and often systematic butchery of the opponent?  (another curiosity: almost in all cases the ‘opponents’ who were subject to the black surgery, were Orthodox Christians! Serbs in Croatia, Serbs in Bosnia, Serbs in Kosovo, Syrian Aramaic Orthodox, Ukrainian Russian Orthodox. That’s an indisputable fact, as well as involvement and presence of Bernard H. Levy, Madeleine Albright, Carl Bildt, Christiane Amanpour, I perhaps missed some names.

CROATIA:  In Croatia the US and the West supported the neo Nazi Croatian regime, with all the Ustasha insignia who, after seceded  from Yugoslavia, performed the largest ethnic cleansing and genocide after the WW II; The West even military assisted in their killing of Krajina, Slavonia Serbs (see the career of then US ambassador to Croatia Peter Galbraith, for ex).  Dozens of victims and family members of Serbs have testified  about forced interventions notorious Dr Vesna Bosanac in Vukovar performed  on local Serbs. – BEGINNING: It started in  Republica Srpska Krajina and Slavonia (RSK)  today Croatia –
The bloody industry of death began  in the RSK (Serbian territories in Lika, Banija, Kordun, Slavonia after 1995 illegally occupied by Croatia) where the organs of captured and imprisoned Serbs were extracted for the rich in the West and Petrol- monarchy ( i.e. Saudi Arabia) . There was a hospital in Vukovar led by drVesna Bosanac  (between 30 July and 19 November 1991). That’s  where, for the first time,  took place serious abuses of medical ethics and international humanitarian law – the refusal to provide adequate medical assistance to wounded civilians of Serbian nationality (some of who where children), and sending Serb civilians to physical liquidation. Among the most serious crimes committed in Vukovar hospital was the forcible take of  blood from Serbs civilians, till the last drop, and literally.   For this purpose Serbs living in Vukovar were forcibly brought to the hospital by members of the Croatian National Guard.   Testimonies from can be found here: Vukovar:


BOSNIA (US, West, Gulf states, Turkey with all the means supported Bosnian Muslims, and even bombed local Serbs in their behalf); that’s the first time Al Qaeda appears as an Western ally.  Chopped and beheaded Serbian bodies didn’t appear on ANY of the global media. They appear in the memoirs  former mujaheddins published after the war, as a trophy.  Ali Ahmed Al Hammad, (Bahrain)  former Al Qaeda member and commander of ruthless ‘El Mujaheddin’ wrote memoirs titled ‘In the Network of Evil’  describing their ‘holly war’ vs. Serbs (on US, EU, Turkish, Gulf states side) in Bosnia (see:

The monster from the picture bellow is Bosnian Muslim Semsudin Mehmedović,  member of  parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina) mudzahedin
I can’t imagine how a family feels after recognizing the face of their beloved ones kicked by monsters, often covered with urine and abused in unimaginable humiliating ways.
Twenty years after the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina ended, tens of thousands of Sarajevo Serbs are still missing . The Bosnian Muslims, who rule Sarajevo, commonly use administrative formalities in order to prevent alleged sites of their mass grave. Why?  Maybe to hide that they died while or soon after their organs were forcibly taken?

Investigating organ harvesting in Bosnia and Croatia is deadly: The death of journalist  Xavier Bernard Gaultier

So the crime continued in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  During 1996. Xavier Bernard Gaultier  (+) who was a  Le Figaro journalist and expert for Balkans was found hanged in his apartment in Spain. Spanish authorities had no doubt about the cause of death , thinking that it was a suicide. However , the circumstances were more than strange .

He was found with hands bound . On the wall of the house  was written ” traitor ” and ” Red Devil ,”  – that was the nickname of Robert de la Fave, an Italian mercenary who fought in Bosnia and Herzegovina for Croats, and  revealed to Gaultier plenty of  details concerning the arm shipments from Austria and  – organ  shipment transportation to Italy. Some his French colleagues  remember  Gaultier investigated “certain issues extremely risky for his life. ” It was about war criminals from former Yugoslavia , but also VIP Italians” There was certain information that thousands of Sarajevo Serbs (majority still missing ?!) had the same faith and that their organs were sold to USA , Germany and Scandinavia, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

SOUTHERN SERBIA, KOSOVO METOHIYA: NATO, West, Turkey, Gulf states, US, supported the Albanian invaders in Serbian province of Kosovo. Remember their stories about ‘GENOCIDE’  and ‘SERBIAN AGGRESSION’, their setup and  false ‘news’ about million Albanian refugees. All the bloody fairytale was used as perverse casus beli to military intervene, attack and bomb a sovereign state, in behalf of  narco terrorist organ harvesting gang, changing the ethnic structure  of the province and opening a free hunt on Serbs.

Kosovo and Metohija, once sacred and holly place with hundreds of ancient Serbian Orthodox monasteries and churches, has been turned into a butchery, with dozens of  ‘Yellow houses’ i.e. places where Serb prisoners were taken and then killed for organs. The  Council of Europe rapporteur Dick Marty alleged in a hard-hitting 2010 report that senior KLA commanders – including current Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci – were involved in illegal organ trafficking.

But there are the witnesses, participants who decide to speak. Few years ago one of them,  with only his hands and torso visible, explained in detail how he had been trained by “doctors” to harvest a heart from a prisoner at an undisclosed location.

“He (a doctor) told me what should I do on the body … to make a cut from a throat to the end of ribs,” the witness described the impromptu training organised several days before the surgery.

The ethnicity of the patient was not revealed in the interview, but Vukcevic told AFP the victim was a Serb prisoner, while the operation had been carried out near the northern Albanian town of Kukes.

The victim, a man in his twenties, was tied to tables in a school classroom by four rebels.

“When I came closer he was trying to get away but they tied him more. He began crying, begging,’God, do not slaughter me, do not kill me!’” the witness said.

Dressed in a black long-sleeve T-shirt, the man explained the procedure in details, saying that the two doctors had also been present at the scene, with a cooling box prepared for transport of organs.

“When I finished the first cut, I was told to make another one, a cross section … The third line did the doctor himself seeing that my hand was shaking. He told me not to worry,” the witness said.

As another doctor had forgotten the scissors, the witness proposed to make them from a “bayonet” of a Kalashnikov and was told “where to cut the ribs” with a warning “not to damage something, meaning, the heart.”

A doctor “put both his hands into the body, pulled and opened it” while another man had brought the cooling box. As they had no “pegs for vessels to prevent bleeding … we had to take a nylon, like a fishing one, to tie twice on each cut.”

“We cut veins and when I took the heart, it was still beating … I put it in the box” for transport, he said.

It was then taken to the airport in Albania’s capital Tirana, where the rebels, including the witness, were met by several Albanian army officials.

The box was given to a “foreigner” coming out from a “small private plane” with a Turkish flag, the witness said.

The wartime organ harvesting case is believed to be linked to the so-called Medicos affair, another case of organ trafficking at a hospital in Kosovo’s main city Pristina.

organs RT

SYRIA: And the history repeats.  The West, together with Gulf states, Turkey, USA, NATO and their inner dirty infantry – All Qaeda (Al CiAida, Al Nusra,  the same forces and faces under different title)

As the Iranian agency reported: TEHRAN (FNA)- Turkish hospitals which receive the wounded Syrian citizens steal their body organs to be sold in the black market.

According to a report by the Lebanese al-Safir daily, trafficking the injured Syrian people’s body organs is a phenomenon which has intensified in Turkish governmental hospitals.

Ahmad Abdulkarim Muhammad, a 19-year-old young Syrian, is one of the victims of this phenomenon. He was injured in Syria in January and was transferred to Antakya hospital in Southern Turkey and died after a few days.

Despite being transferred to the hospital for head injuries, a video released after his death shows that his abdomen has gone under surgery operations which indicates stealing of his vital organs, including kidneys, liver, etc.

Earlier reports also said that Turkish authorities are engaged in trafficking body organs of injured Syrians that are taken to Turkey for treatment.

The Lebanese newspaper al-Diyar reported that Turkish authorities transfer young injured Syrians to certain hospitals in the Turkish cities of Antakya and Iskenderun.

The report added that the Turks leave the injured Syrians alone to die after their body organs are removed in the hospitals. The dead are later sent to the Syrian border region to be buried.

Turkish doctors have confirmed that out of 62,000 injured Syrian civilian and military people who were transported into Turkey, body organs of over 15,600 of them were excised and their bodies were sent back into Syria to be buried, al-Diyar stated.

Turkish officials have made no comments over the issue so far.

The Lebanese newspaper also states that the body organs, including livers, kidneys and hearts are given to people waiting for treatment in Turkey.

Al-Diyar said European scientific websites acknowledged that body organ transplantation operations had increased in Turkey over the past two years, since the beginning of the crisis in Syria. “

Sounds familiar, exactly the same happened to captured Serbs in Kosovo! Looks like there are more than one similarity; let’s see what happened after similar crime was committed in – Kosovo;  whether  the suspects for  (Serbian) organs trafficking Dr Yusuf Sonmez and Moshe Harel had changed their status into ‘ the accused ‘.

yusuf_sonmez_moshe_harel371Dr. Yusef Sonmez (L) and Moshe Harel

In 2010The Guardian reported the theft of human organs by Yusuf Ercin Sonmez, a Turkish surgeon who was sought by Interpol in an international manhunt at the time.   Sonmez has been indicted for illegally taking human organs for sale from patients in Kosovo and accused of the same in Azerbaijian and of being involved in an organ theft ring in Ecuador.    In Kosovo, Sonmez was indicted for taking organs from Serb soldiers, captured in the 1998-1999 US war on Serbia and leaving them to die. Linked to Hashim Thaci, the US-backed Prime Minister of Kosovo, Sonmez had been repeatedly arrested for these crimes in Turkey but later released, etc…

 They were released to continue the ‘work’ in – Ukraine.  According to NEO, the organ harvesting operations of anti Hunta/NATO population have lasted  for months. (And, again,  you won’t see it in the media) This is the report:

Unlike the terrorist offenses in Libya, Syria, and now Iraq, backed by the United States, the UK, the EU, members of NATO as well as regional collaborators such as Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Qatar, where any attempts to stop extremists from seizing entire nations is met by the West’s howling indignation and accusations of “human rights abuses,” the unmitigated brutality executed by literal Nazis in Ukraine against breakaway provinces in the east are accompanied by a hypocritical silence from the West. Refugees streaming away from encircled and bombarded populated centers tell tales of mass murder, indiscriminate targeting of civilians, and even grisly accounts of forced organ harvesting taking place from the bodies of those killed by Kiev’s combined arms offensive, or from those kidnapped by criminal gangs operating in the vacuum of impunity afforded by the West’s silence.

Unlike in Libya, Syria, and now Iraq where the Western media eagerly reported “activist” accounts as unquestionable truth, and even participated in flagrant fabrications to justify further military intervention, particularly in Libya and Syria, networks like the BBC dismiss Ukrainian refugee accounts as hearsay not warranting any further investigation. In the BBC’s article, “The Ukrainian refugees escaping to Russia,” it states:

They claim that masses of Polish snipers have been shooting civilians, that children have been abducted and flown to America to have their organs removed, and that the Ukrainian army has been killing refugees who have been trying to escape.

There is no evidence to support any of these wild claims. But what they prove is a deep-seated mistrust of Kiev.

What could be considered more “wild” is the BBC’s outrageous hypocrisy, their lack of investigating claims – considering they claim to be journalists – and their lack of explanation as to just why the people of eastern Ukraine harbor a “deep-seated mistrust of Kiev.” Why would thousands of eastern Ukrainians, hostile or distrusting of Kiev, flee their homes in the first place had Kiev not been carrying out a policy of criminal brutality?

Forced Organ Harvesting – Real Horror Deliberately Dismissed by the BBC 

Russian sources tell a different story, explaining the details of the ongoing horror the BBC mentions in passing but failed to either qualify or dispel with anything resembling evidence. In Pravda’s article, “In Ukraine, human organs don’t stink,” it is reported that:

Shocking information appeared on the social networks saying that the militia from Slavyansk found hundreds of corpses of National Guard soldiers during a night reconnaissance operation. The soldiers had had their stomachs ripped open and internal organs removed. In addition, the people living in the troubled territories, have seen well-equipped ambulance vehicles, armored cash collection vans and other special vehicles near hospitals of the Ukrainian army.

Employees of international airports, for example, in Boryspil, said that there were many small aircraft chartered to transport special refrigerators that are used for transporting human organs.


These would be the same “social networks” frequently cited by the Western media to substantiate claims made against the targeted governments of Libya and Syria. Now that Western interests are backing a regime trying to consolidate its power against armed fighters, such stories are “wild” and unworthy of further investigation. Pravda notes that the impoverished state of Ukraine’s military – unable to provide even matching uniforms or food – makes the increased medical presence around Kiev’s forces very unlikely the result of interest in preserving the well-being of both its own fighters as well as those caught in their path.

Instead, considering the immense corruption and lawlessness that existed even before the so-called “Euromaidan” and the rise of an ultra-right client regime operating in utter disarray, it is more likely organ harvesting for profit is taking place. Eastern Europe has been one of several global epicenters for forced organ harvesting for years. A November 2011 Bloomberg article titled, “Organ Gangs Force Poor to Sell Kidneys for Desperate Israelis,” reported that:

Investigators on five continents say they have uncovered intertwining criminal rings run by Israelis and eastern Europeans that move people across borders — sometimes against their will — to sell a kidney. 

“The criminal here is the middleman who profits from the sick and the poor,” says Bahat, who investigated an organ- trafficking ring in Jerusalem. “It touches my heart that people will sell part of their body because they need money to live.” 

Criminals see an opportunity to make big money in the organ trade, where they can sell a kidney for 15 to 20 times what they pay, police throughout Europe say. 

“They recognize the obscene profit that can be made in the expanding black market in body parts,” says Jonathan Ratel, a Pristina, Kosovo-based prosecutor who has been investigating organ trafficking over the past two years. “It keeps happening because there is so much money in this.” 

Traffickers typically pay $10,000 to a seller for a kidney and collect $150,000 when selling it to a patient.

In fact, amid the chaos of Ukraine’s armed conflict, it would be unthinkable that these same criminal gangs would not be scouring the battlefields and hospitals for potential victims. The BBC’s failure to investigate the very plausible claims of desperate refugees suggests both utter journalistic incompetence and even complicity in covering up atrocities being committed as part of Kiev’s brutal, unwarranted, and deadly bid to consolidate power.

The state of forced organ harvesting as described by Bloomberg in 2011 implicated criminal gangs in Ukraine specifically, as have other reports. Ukrainian hospitals and doctors have been long-implicated as well. How then does the BBC call accounts of organ harvesting “wild claims” when nothing has been done to stop such practices since 2011, and especially with conditions in Ukraine today setting the stage for such criminality to flourish unchecked?

History Repeating Itself

Just as the ultra-right taking power in Kiev signifies the resurgence of Nazism in Europe, fully backed by the European Union and NATO, the covering up of forced organ harvesting and other horrors is torn straight from the playbook of Adolf Hitler’s Nazis, including the likes of the notorious Josef Mengele. History is repeating itself, specifically because of the ignorance of Western audiences and the complicity of journalists charged with reporting the truth who instead, bury it under propaganda.

Since organ harvesting is undoubtedly taking place in Ukraine today – since it was taking place on record before the conflict even began – the BBC’s dismissal of this tale of horror may mean Polish snipers supported by NATO may also be carrying out atrocities, and the regime of Petro Poroshenko may very well be carrying out campaigns of racially motivated genocide.


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