Flood: One heretic observation through the muddy water

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Meanwhile the globe witnesses historic flooding in Serbia, when more rain fell  in three days than normally falls in several months and when at least several dozens of people were killed Serbia and Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Croatia; when the floods caused more than a billion dollars in damages.  in time of  three days of national mourning in Serbia,  the world got a perfect opportunity to provide equal treatment for all affected nations. 

But was that so?  The first days of disaster,  ‘worst in 100 years’ as media stated later on, have been simply ignored.  As heavy rains and floods continued, internet was flooded by materials, pictures  and testimonies by victims and survivors, so it was not possible to turn the blind eye any longer. But the mainstream American media proved their ani Serbian and even Serbophobic attitude, that I compare  only with racism. And that antSerbism still doesn’t have proper diagnosis nor term, even though it exists for decades. While Jewish people label as antisemitists those who feel sick about them, Serbs don’t even have a term for the global hatred towards them. That should be changed asap.
The New York Times , for example, has published a report from ‘Balkans’ (,Balkans’ is a great escape in order to avoid mentioning the most affected part of ‘Balkans’ – Serbian people.  Serbs cannot be victims, right? Global empathy and condolences have been, for decades, reserved for some othes. We saw in the wars that there were ‘the victims’ and ‘the Serbs’. No Serb victims. If the victims were Serbs – they were simply overlooked.  So the New York Times continues the same way. The NYT report about the flood: Whole TWO sentences about Bosnia i Hercegovina; but as for the most affected Serbia, where the whole cities were drowned and became underwater,  all is cool, except ”the main power plant remains under threat.”  Can you believe that?  What a great report.. what a divine mercy form NYT! lol (Can you believe such immorality exists? I can. Remember their stance in ’90 -ies )



When Novak Djokovic publicly addressed global media concerning the flood,  they decided to start to ‘notice’ ; they discovered the maps from ’90. -es; unfortunately seems like they woke up the old anti Serb sentiment, so according to the Western media, the greatest victims are – Bosnian Muslims. Again.  But what’s significant is that the affected in Bosnia are actually  – the Serbian ones, more precisely – Republic of Srpska. Here’s the Wikipedia map of the Republic of Srpska (http://bs.wikipedia.org/wiki/Republika_Srpska)


This is the map of the affected areas in Bosnia ( there are numerous available of Internet, I took this one from here: http://blogs.lse.ac.uk/lsee/2014/05/19/devastating-floods-in-bosnia-and-serbia-call-for-implementation-of-eu-supported-extreme-weather-adaptation-poli

Mapa poplava

Still, in their story about the disaster,  BBC and other media  reports about the ‘Floods have affected more than a million Bosnians’. Bosnia consists of two separate entities; one is Muslim – Croat federation, the other is Republic of Srpska. We are facing the same phenomenon from the wartime: no Serbian victims, no testimonies by Serbs, no Serbian sufferings.  No one invited president of the most affected Republic of Srpska for an interview. They invite Izetbegovic. History repeats.  Reuters, CNN, DW… all is the same.

City of Bijeljina, Republic of Srpska, flood:


Since it’s impossible to overlook the disaster in Serbia,  it is allowed to mention Serbia, but only after Bosnia . Do  the research.
So it’s the two Serbian states who were affected the most, and yet the world shouts: Save (Muslims) in  Bosnia! In media covers there are always people with Muslim names who suffer, who struggle, and who lost all, even though the state is Republic of Srpska. … Even though it’s clearly Serbian republic that was hit by the flood. There’s no Serbs  in Serbian republic, or the Republic of Srpska  changed the position on the globe?  (?!).

The media created the atmosphere that the Bosnian Muslims suffer and all the aid for Bosnia  goes to them.  And it’s significant where did the first aid come from – from the same states who sent  armament and Al Qaeda (Al Ciaida?)   jihadists during the war. Turkey, Pakistan, Iran, UK, Holland, France, USA.
It is curious, isn’t it? 

Banjaluka, the capital of Republic of Srpska floods 2014:

On the other side, Albanian invaders in Serbian Kosovo have shown their true nature as well as the roots of their hatred towards Serbs. That’s an example of sociopathology, that can be observed in  rare cases оf some deeply sick societies.

AlbanianAlbanian humanism and civilization


and the same again:

FUckOne more hate-message by Albanians from a basketball match in Pristina. Meet the Albanian land grabbers and organ harvesters. 

Obrenovac, near Belgrade – the Ghost town:

Even their clergy, i.e.  imam of the Pristina Grand Mosque, Shefcet Krasniqi, while the people whose houses the Albanians  occupied and whose relatives they raped and sold their organs – therefore one spiritual leader, a man of peace and democracy, stated: “All what happens in Serbia is God’s punishment for what they were doing in Kosovo, for all those crimes and massacres, rapes, killings and missing persons, ethnic cleansing and injustice against the Albanian people.  ” – end quote


Sefcet Krasniqi, the monstrous Albanian imam
I don’t know whether anyone still  buys these lies; their patrons from  NATO and USA are in Kosovo Metohija for 15 years already, and yet  every time they dig for the alleged mass grave full of Albanians, there ain’t no Albanians in there. More often they found massacred Serb civilians. But you won’t see it in media.
This man of peace knows very well that a repeated lie becomes truth. And it’s good to repeat it from now and then. But why now, when Serbia is robbed and strangled and almost drowned?  Machiavelli explained it long time ago: People  should be either treated generously or destroyed, because they take revenge for slight injuries – for heavy ones they cannot.