Cardak, Derventa: The memorial for Serbs killed 22 years ago

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In the town of Cardak,  Derventa, memorial service was held for local Serbs most of whom were brutally murdered on Easter 22 years ago. Twenty six of them were killed on doorstep and nineteen bodies were dumped in a mass grave near the main road Derventa – Doboj . At this spot two years ago a memorial complex was built.
Wreaths were laid at the monument ,  for family members of the slain residents of Cardak.  Mayor of Derventa Milorad Simic , representatives of the Municipal Assembly and veteran organizations .

” The sorrow that has befallen the family that Easter will follow us forever . It’s impossible to forget what happened and who did it , but we have to forgive , because it’s human ,” said Simic .

Parastos za ubijene Srbe

Cardak, Derventa, Memorial for massacred Serb civilians

Drago Knezevic , the Association of Prisoners of War of Derventa chairman, is also a witness of the crime. He says that former inmates were disappointed by the fact that the memorial of 22 years of suffering of Serbs in Čardak is not included in the calendar of dates of importance for the Republica Srpska.
” Also some actions against those who organized and carried out this crime are run , but , unfortunately , the Prosecution didn’t support charges ,” Knezevic said .
Emilija Pajic , wife of Mirko Pajic , who was trapped in a castle and later killed in Bosanski Brod, says her husband was killed because he told reporters the truth .
” He discretely put a piece of paper with the message saying that there are imprisoned women and children in the camp together with description of the conditions they were held in one international observer’s pocket. He was taken and after 3 years of the most brutal torture, unimaginable to a human being he was killed.” said Pajic .
Members of the Croatian regular army, backed by paramilitary Croat- Bosniak (Muslim)  units  from Derventa on April 26  1992. raided Serbian houses in Cardak and committed horrendous crimes against men , women and children. That was the day the whole families  Zivkovic and Lazarevic ceased to exist.
Many of those who failed to escape were captured and taken to concentration camps in a military warehouse Rabić and former home of the JNA in Derventa , where they were subjected to the most severe forms of torture .
Former detainees told that at the beginning women and children have been separated from teh adult men; after rape and torture the women were released, while the men were detained for days in the camps .
For the crimes against Serbian civilians in Cardak no one has ever been punished . After the notorious Sijekovac, crimes commited in Cardak were the among the most monstrous in Posavina.
For crimes against Serbs in Čardak, Bosnian Muslim Azra Basic was arrested in the USA. Former detainees charged her with having slaughtered  Serb Blagoje Djuras and then forced his inmates to lick his blood .
Court proceedings for crimes against captured Serbs from this area has been ran against Nihad Hamzic called “Fritz ” brothers Dervish and Esad Cavalic , while Ivica Vrdoljak was sentenced to five years in prison .

For this and other crimes against Serbs in Derventa when 300 persons were killed, and although the Prosecutor’s Office submitted voluminous material about war crimes committed when the municipality was under the occupation of the regular Croatian army and paramilitary CroatianBosniak / Muslim units, none of then – Croatian – Bosnian (Muslim) leaders has ever been charged.
And they were the most responsible for the crimes committed in Cardak, since the death camps for Serbs were established by their orders.
When those who are the most responsible for the committed crimes are punished, –  only then –  will the soul of our murdered countrymen find peace