Donji Vakuf, Bosnia: Corpses of 7 murderd Serbs exhumed

Posted on April 15, 2014 by


In Donji Vakuf area, Bosnia and Hercegovina, on the site of the Orthodox cemetery near local hospital, seven total human corpses were exhumed. They are presumed to be the remains of Serbs killed in 1995. says spokesperson for the Missing Persons Institute of Bosnia and Herzegovina Lejla Cengic.

sedam tela srba  The remains contain bones of five men and two women . Bone samples for DNA analysis were taken on site and remains were returned to the same burial sites from which they were exhumed. They will remain there until the final determination of identity.


Death camps where hundreds of thousands of Serbs were tortured and murdered; total number 778. Not a single one has ever been examined



Cengic stressed that the exhumations at the site of the Orthodox cemetery in Donji Vakuf be continued tomorrow .

​​Donji Vakuf area will be examined and exhumed tomorrow; exhumations at the site Oborci announced is to take place as well.