The organ harvesting Yellow houses were located throughout Kosovo, not in Albania

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Slavko Nikic is the last living member of the Ministry of Interior of Serbia (MUP)  units that fought against drug trafficking in Kosovo since 1990. till 1999.  He was an active participant in the war in Kosovo. In his latest book the author provides details about  the events in Kosovo and the crimes committed by Albanians against Serbs .


Crimes against Serbs were commited both by Albanians from Albania and Albanians from Kosovo and Metohija . I snatched my memories from oblivion and put them in the  twelwe books I have written. I personally encontered numerous evidences of the crimes and I tried to write it all down  , believing that it will be of use to the judiciary and to my homeland , and the offsprings , with the sole purpose that the  sacrifice won’t  be in vain nor forgotten , says in an interview for ” The Fund ‘s Strategic Culture ” Slavko Nikic .

kosovo-masakri-srba-tanjug-sava-radovanovicThe Albanian terrorists posing with a massacred Serb


You are the last living member of a special unit that was active in Kosovo since 1990 and in 1999. You are the witness of one period . What was the approximate number of  death camps for Serbs, and are the  names of perpetrators known , what kind of torture the Serbian prisoners  were subjected to , and why is everything, even after so many years, buried  in silence ?

The exact number of camps is not known because there were located throughout  the entire territory of Kosovo and Metohija , even in the smallest hamlets in ordinary houses , perfectly camouflaged . They were opened overnight. What world public needs to know is the fact that none of the KLA commanders  could not get promotion  without having these death caps on his territory , in the area of his responsibility; so  organizing a camp for torturing and killing Serbs was a conditio sine qua non.

In the book, ” The Commander of the killer ( stories from hell ) ” Momir Lazic and me just published , I speak about that . We have published  the names of 156 KLA commanders , starting with Hashim Thaci , Ramush Haradinaj –  all of them in addition to other crimes were the ” owners” of the camps for the torture and murder of Serbs, even the Serbian children. If each of them had at least one camp , that means that there were at least 156 death camps in Kosovo i Metohija.

For the human mind has so far been unimaginable the method of removing organs without anesthesia . How sadistic and how much suffering and pain was caused by the torture , one can hardly imagine. But far the most gruesome were the cases when the children were killed before the very eyes of  the  parents , as in case of young Jovana from the village of Klecka , Lipljan . Silence of  the corrupted politicians, police officers and other members of the Security Service of the time covers all the crime against Serbs; but these who got payed for their oblivion can now easily be recognized by their enormous wealth; they tortured the martyrs again.
Their silence is the main reason for me to write the books; because, you see, there are many dead children . They took them out of the hands of parents , as well as the Turkish oppressors once during the bloody Ottoman rule . In the books of the Metropolitan of Montenegro Amfilohije Radovic you can find many  names of children who were kidnapped by Albanians and taken away.

The case of the little girl Jovana –

The girl of nearly 11 years was detained in a camp in the village of Klecka , Lipljan , along with her mother and grandmother . The camp was under the direct control of Fatmir Limaj (acquitted by the Hague cangaroo court) and Hashim Thaci.  Hasim Taci used to visit the camp. One day little Jvana was taken by the Albanian KLA bandits,Luan and Bekim Mazrreku, who, before the eyes of her mother and grandmother raped the eleven years old girl. They tortured her, cutting her body parts for hour,  When they massacred Jovana ,  they burned alive again in the sight of the unfortunate mother and grandmother .

On the scene of the monstrous crime the police found a small  arm of Jovana, cut away  from the elbow and partially burned …  The spasm of the little fingers seemed like begging for help and waving to mother and grandmother . When asked by Judge Danica Marinkovic how they found out that the girl who was raped and murdered was Jovana, one of the Mazrreku  brothers said: ” When I ripped the girl from the hands of the mother , the woman was calling that name untill we finally executed her; and the  grandma died instantly . ” Members of Serbian police in addition to other terrorists arrested and the two villains. The Mazreku brothers recognized and described the crimes that were committed in Klecka, and all what they did to little Orthodox Christian girl Jovana. All this was recorded by Judge Danica Marinkovic;  they took statements , the cameras filmed the crime scene and the villains;


Such monstrous crimes are globally recognized as a crime;  but  in the case of the Serbian girl Jovana,  the world decided to remain silent.

The Court pronounced the verdict and sent the monsters to prison . But the West made a strong  diplomatic and non diplomatic pressure after the fall of Slobodan Milosevic; and they were – acquitted!! –  with the generous support of some blackmailed and corrupted Serbs: Biljana Kovacevic -Vuco , Natasa Kandic , Sonja Biserko , Cedomir Jovanovic , Natasa Micic , Borka Pavicevic ,  Miljenko Dereta and other well-wishers to Albanian narco supliers, these criminals  are free . I spoke about the little girl Jovana hundred times; I’m trying to record the names of   the martyrs, who died for Orthodoxy, in order to save them for oblivion.

My silent hope is that some Serbs, certainly better that us, picture  Jovana on an icon,  in front of which we all could pray .

Before the outbreak of war in 1998 , you were in a unit that discovered an illegal hospital in the village of Blace , intended for transfusion of blood from vein to vein.  What did you find there , since it was the only hospital of such type and do you know how many Serbs  died in the ” yellow house “?

– That’s what I wrote in the  book “Zero blood type .” Seems I’m the only one. The illegal hospital in the village of Blace near the small town of Suva Reka, Prizren municipality , I  took part in the action of the police , which was entirely recorded . You can see and hear when I order to break the door that was locked. We found a pharmacy full of drugs there; there were products made in Serbia with the latest production date . We found the equipment  for vein to  vein transfisuion and it sucks out blood to the last drop .

Why do they keep silent about it , no one could sa, except time.  Hopefully, very soon .

What did you ackowledge from the men you arrested ?

– Everything I’ve described in my book . Everything that is now slowly coming out to the light, he told me in 1998.
During the joint Albanian & NATO aggression these hospitals were established initially as a sort of the reception centers for the kidnapped Serbs; later they were transported mostly to Albania. One more thing: even today there are still many of these hospitals opeating in Kosovo and Metohija. I wrote about those hospitals and the Albanian & NATO industry of death in the book ” Confessions of You ,”  published in 2010. So , before the report of Dick Marty , who announced all the Albanian  bloody organ trade.

– There were more than 2,000 abducted Serbs. Is that so small and nonsignificant number? Certainly no. But as for the West , when someone kidnaps and kills 2,000 Serbs  is not more than an insignificant  incident , and when almost without evidences anyone on Earth accuses the Serbs for killing  the same number of non-Serbs , then the West spaks about genocide . So I do not want to hear about  the West,  sice they are only causing bleeding. As for me, all my hope lies on  Russia .

Do you have any information about some possible location where the remains of  the Serbs murdered  and kidnapped  after 1999. could be found? Do you have  reasonable suspicion that they were killed in Albania or somewhere else?

–  The remains of murdered Serbs were burned , thrown into the pit , including the notorious Volujak . They threw the remains of victims into the Beli Drim and Radonicko lake , but also to many other places , because the number of the discovered graves and victims who disappeared differs in many ways. But one thing is certain –  they were killed. They’re killed because Hashim Thaci , Ramush Haradinaj, Fatmir Limaj and other members of the criminal enterprise KLA  wanted so.
I know Albanians very well, I grew up among them, that’s where I was born. They will leave no evidences  if there is no need to do so.  The tombs of kidnapped Serbs are in Kosovo and in Albania .

You claim that the ” Yellow house ” in Albania is a make up story in order to deceive  . Who do you think is the ‘author’ of the ” Yellow House” story and what’s their  intent once the story was put on the air ?

– First of all , the story about the “Yellow House ”  was first heard from a B92 journalist . I personally know the woman. It’s the same one who was coming to my house before the arrest of my friend and commander , Lieutenant General , Commander of the Main Staff of the Army of Republika Srpska Ratko Mladic; she  led the French spy Laurent with the intention to compromise me. They fail so I kicked them out of my home after they asked why  I keep a picture of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin on my wall.

For the naive , the story of the “Yellow House ”  is a proof that the Albanians were trafficking Serbian organs. . But that’s deceit.  The story of the “Yellow House ” was released to serve as a future certain incomplete evidence so the Albanians would be acquitted  and clean. The scenario is simple:  to set up a working group i.e. commision  with at least one Serbian member; the Commision  would note that  in the circumstances and under the conditions the Yellow house provides, –  it is absolutely impossible to harvest any organs or do any similar surgery; And that would lead to conclusion that the Albanians were innocent!  They could even accuse Serbs for the unfounded and false accusations .
I must add that majority of  journalists are spies in behalf of all the countries that bombed us for months; they  tour around my home hoping to make an iniciaal  contact and get all the evidences and informations I ackowledge.
Why no one ever written  about ships anchored in the Albanian ports  and mobile surgery rooms placed on trucks that were, when in need , coming down to these ships ? Where the statements  you were sending  from the field finished ?

Nothing was said about the ship or the small private planes that were used for the delivery of the Serbian organs around the world.  Why no one wants to show two the most advanced mobile surgical vehicle Serbian forces seized there and brought to Serbia ? To my knowledge , one of these vehicles is in Krusevac. It’s  time to investigate true organ trafficking , not ” yellow house “, which is the false trap prepared for Serbia .

Why the exchange of captured Serbs and Albanians never occurred? What was the original plan? Have the Serbian side ever came out with the conditions ?

Ram Buja, an Albanian intellectual, one of the negotiators in Rambouillet who is also a native of Lypjan , my neighbor , was a proponent of kidnapping Serbs , but not for the sale of their bodies, but rather for the exchange of their KLA members who were already in the Serbian prisons . It is not coincidence that there was about two thousand Serbs kidnapped. That’s the number of the Albanian terrorists in our prisons .

What the public needs to know is the fact that Biljana Kovacevic -Vuco , Natasha Kandic , Sonja Biserko , Cedomir Jovanovic and others Albanian lobbyists actively participated in the unconditional  release of the Albanian terrorists. They knew that if the exchange would be man for man, or eye for eye, tooth for tooth , –  according to the Albanian code of Leka Dukagjini , the corruped group couldn’t  expect to be payed from Albanians. That’s the main reason the Albanians were released without setting the basic conditions to save the captured Serbs!

The public ought to know that they all got money from Albanians; the money Albanians made from selling human organs! The filthiest money in the world!

Are there specific methods of torture and killing of Serbs the KLA applied?

– Each of the members of the KLA proved himself by inventing new horrible methods of torture;  many of  them were trained  in the camps near the Albanian border,   by  mujahedins , known for their brutality.

The case of the murder of the Serbian youth in Panda cafe bar, is actualized again . Are there any indications that the crime was not committed by the Albanians ?

– Besnik Shala , born 31 May 1974 in the village of Ozrim , Pec , is one of those who shot at the Serbian boys  in the cafe ” Panda ” in Pec , on December 14. 1998.

Could the Brussels  agreement provide protection to the remaining Serbs in Kosovo, as its signatories suggest? Pogrom of Serbs in Kosovo i Metohija cannot be linked to specific dates or agreements.  Since the end of World War II extensively ,against the Serbs in Albanians continuously were committing silent ethnical cleansing and genocide in Kosovo and Metohija. They have been backed by their mentors in the West, Austians, Germans, Britain and USA to committ the genocide . The current so-called ” Brussels Agreement” is an agreement without the consent of the Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija as well as all the displaced from ancestral homes . The negotiations were conducted without the consent and consultation with the Serbian veterans who took part in the fighting against terrorists,  led by the current negotiator,   Hashim Thaci personally.

The agreement stepped outside the framework of the UN  Resolution 1244 , provided certain guarantees to us as a part of the Serbian territory .

Brussels negotiations will be remembered for being subjected to ridicule and meaningless candidacy for Nobel Prize of the negotiators. That’s my personal opinion. And not to mention the atmosphere of terror and fear in Serbia so that no one dare to discuss the fact that our negotiators have violated the constitution of Serbia.  They have to be ready for the consequences of their deeds .


Slavko Nikic was born on 20.04.1960. in Pristina.  He lives in Belgrade with his two children.  Slavko is  the last living member of the anti – drug team which fought against drug trafficking in Kosovo since 1990. –  1999.



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