Fourteen elderly Serbs massacred, perpetrators well known and free – in European Union, Croatia

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Mile Sovilj : Croats killed 14 of my relatives
Mile Sovilj was to testify at Hague tribunal  about the circumstanes  his village Kijan in Lika, Krajina, was exterminated, after the aggression and genocide commited during the largest ethnical cleaning in 20. th century during the operation Storm.

– It was my last hope,  that the world would finally ackowledge  about the true nature of  the Croatian Military action ,,Storm” , and the most horrible massacres the Croatian troops commited.

Mile Sovilj

Mile Sovilj, one of the last witnesses of bloody Croatian orgy in Kijanje, August 1995. 

Last Sunday the refugee from Lika,  Mile Sovilj  was sure that his testimony about suppression of his village Kijani in Lika,  when 14 of his relatives were massacred regardless their age and sex, would be heard  before the Hague Tribunal.  That would finally  unmask genocidal nature of the Croatian military action when 14 elderly inhabitants of village, including  nine elderly women, his father Vlado and others, were brutally massacred. The youngest  victim was 50, and the oldest 90  years old.
All of them decided to remain in ther ancient village after then – president Franjo Tudjman publicly invited all those who ”hadn’t  shed any blood to remain at their villages and towns.”
The inhabitants of Kijan, according to Croatian documents,  were slain the fourth day of  the Croatian invasion of the village;  hundreds of Croats  flooded the village; burning, torturing, raping and mutilating everything that was ‘cetnik’ (Serbs, Serbian) lasted for days… Even the soil was bloody.  But the humanitarian organizations, as well as Croatian red cross, noted all the Kijane Serbs as if they were ” disappeared ” .

Such a situation lasted until 2002 , when their remains were finaly excavated from the  mass grave  in Gračac . Mile recognized his father’s remains from the picture Croatian  Investigation Unit  in charge of  the investigation in Kijanje,  took  and thanks to the cigarette case that was found next to his body.  DNA analysis comfirmed –  the massacred corpse belongs to his father Vlado Sovilj.  Vlado Sovilj found his final resting place  in the cemetery in Novi Sad,  Petrovaradin.

– I lived for  hope that my testimony would enlight crimes against the innocent  Serbs of Kijanje, and that the truth would  will finally find the way out, and that the responsible would finally be punished , Mile says .

– I ackowledge the Croatian unit and  the perpetrators who murderd my family;  some of them were from our village . Also there were some witnesses who saw all the bloody orgy and gave statements.  But no one’s responsible in Croatia when it comes to genocide against Serbs.

” No one’s  guilty” …  No one’s responsible according to the International Court for war crimes, where I testified in  a closed session in the case vs Gotovina; no one is responsible in Zagreb where we started a process by raising civil charges vs. perpetrators of the golgotha;  The last Sunday was for me, as well as for many other Krajina inhabitants, the last opportunity to  speak and expose to the world  the dark reality of Croatian aggression on Krajina  and  genocidal Operation Storm from 1995. – Sovilj stresses.

Ten days before the trial started,  the witness Sovilj and others (eight of the survivors were to testify before  the Hague Tribunal about genocide and extermination of all that was of Serbian origin from Srpska Krajina), they were told  not to travel to testify,  ‘ because Croats refuse their cross-examination; the only thing they could do is to submit their statements  to the Tribunal.

Mile Sovilj explains that although he was shaken by the fanatic religious – motivated murder of his father (Croats are fanatic Roman Catholic, and their Catholic clergy proved themselves as the most fanatic murderers of the Orthodox Serbs during World War II)  and  three other from Sovilj family in Kijan 1995.  the most painful is the fact that the Serbian, International and Croatian judicature remain absolutely blind and fail to see the obvious.  One of the main suspects for the bestial slaughter in Kijanje visites Serbia without any obstacles.  Even though the names of the  egzekutora from Kijan were  enlisted in the indictment of Croatian generals Gotovina and Markac; once the generals are acquitted, Croats immediatelly acquitted and these  murderers from the village in Lika, Srpska Krajina.

– Da li moguće is that if Sud for utrvđivanje genocide ovaj chance podvesti the ” memorial ” – pie Sovilj i ist ow is both the world’s genocide – this is the tub onda su kills SVI u selo candle Houses burned .

” Is it possible, how could it happen that the case of the Kijane massacre is just an addition, and not even the case, so our testimonies are irelevant? What’s their definition of genocide, if it’s not when all houses and the entire village is burned, and  inhabitants are massacred, raped and mutilated?

Meanwhile the  ‘ Serbian witnesses ”  who was denied right to speak publicly , keeps the last fate that on 1. April his complete integral statement would finally be published, (with hope that it won’t ”disturb relationship between the two states”) ,

With his eyes coloured with sadness, Sovilj  recalls August 4th, 1995,  – that was the last time he saw his father alive:

–   It was extremely hot weather; the  Croats broke through our defence on Velebit mt.

–  I came from Gračac to force my parents to pack the necesities and leave the village immediately, but my father didn’t want to go. He took care of the cattle peacefully, as if everything was fine; he said: ”  Neither me, nor you, or any of us here have never done anything  bad to Croats; my councious is clear,   why should I run away?, asked Vlado Sovilj , while the Croatian cannons were shelling from Velebit mt.

He got angy  because his wife prepared to flee; Vlado Sovilj kept on repeating how Tudjman ensured that no Serb will be even disturbed, so there’s no reason to be afraid of the neonazi Croatian troops.

I reminded him about the Velebit pits, where the Croats massacred and thrown  more than 1,000 Lica Serbs . His last words were:  ” That was the 1941; on the other side of Gračac , not our village. ”

Ubi Srbina

Nazi salute, and popular Croatian nazi greeting: Kill the Serb!

Mile Sovilj is waiting for  justice and verdict for genocide for already twenty years . And his father Vlado ,  who was burried in Petrovaradin, central Serbia, instead of in their ancient graveyard in Lika, deserves to be brought home and burried there…

Durnig the Croatian bloody orgy in August 1995 in KIjan, these members of MIle Sovilj family were killed:  Milica , Branka , Mara, Smilja i Dušan Jelača , Ana Surla , Dane i Savo Bolt , Mileva Kolundžić i Danica , Mara , Mira , Rade i Vlado Sovilj . The youngest was Ana Surla who was 50 , and the oldest was Savo Bolt, he was 90- .

– About the scorching details of the crimes of rape and mutilation, Svetko Bolt i Nikola Jelaca, who were hiding in the nearby forest,  testified;  they  They hid for two months in the forests of Lika, until the Croatian police discovered them there. Jelača decided to remain in Gracac , but Bolta moved to Kumodraž, near Belgrade. Today they’re both dead.

Vecernje Novosti,  05. May 2011 and 16 March 2014.

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