Today marks nineteen years since murder of two Serbian girls in Sarajevo and the executors are still free

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On this day Serbis in Bosnia commemorate 19 years since the assassination of Serbian girls  Milica Lalovic and Nataša Učur in the Sarajevo neighborhood of Grbavica.  For that crime no one has been suspect nor tried.
A sniper from the building, ” Loris ” on  Pere Kosorića square , ( now  ‘Heroes Square’) , killed on 11. March1995.  nine and ten years old Milica and Natasha who played elastics in Rave Jankovic street, in front of the number 59 , in the area that was under Serbian control.
It was their last game, only eight months before signing the Dayton Peace Agreement.
The girls were immediately transported to the hospital Kasindo. According to the medical records, Milica was already dead, while Natasha died 15 minutes after admission .

– Who knows how many snipers observed their play that day at 15 : 30 hrs, when sudenlly two shots pierced the air-  says withenss Milan Pavlovic, adding that the sniper was arrested, but has never  been suspect of tried.

According to the testimony of Fatima Bajramovic, two girls were murderd by Sejo Piskic, 101 Brigade BH army member.   Piskic was born in 1956,  in Gracanica, and witnesses  described his public boasting for what he did, saying that  he was a sniper who killed not only the girls but  20 more Serbs in the Sarajevo neighborhood of Grbavica.

Then – Bosnian Muslim president Alija Izetbegovic publicly said that he knew that the girls were killed, but since they were Serbs, they were noted as “the citizens of Sarajevo.” (i.e. “victims of the evil Serbs”, as the official perverse mantra claims)

The murderer  Sejo Piskic  was taken into custody then, but has never been prosecuted nor sentenced.
Natasha and Milica were buried side by side at Miljevići cemetery, East New Sarajevo.

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