Promotion of “Greater Albania” : Plav and Gusinje (Montenegro) to join Albania, says Albanian politician Koco Danaj

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The Albanian politician Kočo Danaj to visit the north of Montenegro in order to lobby for their policies . The goal of the visit is:  promotion of the  “Greater Albania” that would include several Montenegrin municipalities.


During March 2014. we  will visit the Albanian territories  in Plav and Gusinje . Of course , the main topic will be the necessity of forming the natural Albania .

This is how the Albanian historian and leader of the “List of natural Albania ” announces his activities in order ” to promote the project of a common state of  all Albanians , and the unification of Albanians in the region.”

Danaj comes to pick the sixth star up *i.e. the flag of so called Kosovo has six yellow stars. Namely  when the self-proclaimed state of Kosovo presented the flag , above the map of Kosovo there are six stars , sparking doubts only to the ignorant: the quasi state created by extermination and terror on innocent non-Albanian population represents only one of the stars . Other stars represent all for which the organization of Koco Danaj stands for – the parts of Serbia , Montenegro, Macedonia and Greece, where the Albanians live .

The project of  the “Greater Albania ” or  “Albanian League ” , especially the second one, which was formed by the German Abver in 1943 , was converted into “natural Albania ” . Danaj announced that he prepares a request to the International Court of Justice in The Hague in order to annul the decision of the division of the Ottoman Empire, adopted at the London Conference in December in 1912.

For the acquisition of parts of neighboring states into the ” natural Albania ”  the Albanian population have to take part in referendum to decide whether they’re for unification or not.  Of course, their platform doesn’t intend the opinion of the non Albanians from these territories . Danaj and his party cooperate with the Kosovo Albanian party of Albin Kurti .

Koco Alb

Albanian pupils in Montenegro marking official holliday of the Albanian state

The DEBT of the Montenegrin PM Milo Djukanovic   –  Djukanovic has forgotten that without Albanians Montenegro wouldn’t be independent. Withut the Albanians he would lose power in Podgorica . Simply, all what  Djukanovic is now saying exposes his ungratefulness and chauvinism – said Danay .

Danaj  developed a strong organization in the United States, closely tied with Montenegrin Albanians;  last year they formed the party branch in  Michigan, US, and the head became former official of the Democratic Alliance and the first Albanian deputy of the Montenegrin parliament Leka Ljuljdjuraj . Vice Presidents of the American branch of the organizations are: Rushdie DJokaj and Rok Dedvukaj , a U.S. citizen originally from Malesia  who were arrested 2006 in the ” Eagle’s Flight ” , under suspicion of planning an armed uprising of Albanians in Montenegro , which is scheduled to begin just in the area of ​​Plav and Gusinje .


The Albanian hanbooks teaches that the greater Albania  is a legitime and just request of  the Albanian people 

Last november 28. in the municipality of Plav, both  Orthodox and non Albanian Muslims were shocked when the Albanian pupils suddenly left their classroom and begun to gather in the center of  Gusinje, waving Albanian flags and banners –  marking the official holiday of the Albanian state.

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