Throw them to pits! To pits with them!- Croatia, EU member state, February 2014; and ‘them’ are – the Serbs

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When the head of the Croatian opposition Tomislav Karamarko tactlessly commented sending the Croatian history textbook to President of Serbia in  primitive, Serbophobic,  non – diplomatic and insultive manner his words were immediately greeted with orgazmic shouts evoking the treatement Serbs had within the Nazi puppet Independent state of Croatia (over one million Serbs, Jews and Gypsies were killed and thrown into pits): “Throw them (Serbs) to pit! Into pits with them!”


Picture: An Orthodox priest serves at one of the pits Croats thrown tens of thousand Serbs during WW Two;

– I feel that the energy and emotion of the early nineties had returned. I feel that God and the Croatian people are back to the HDZ, and I hear those  dead friends from the last war ask: Would you allow them to make it to Croatia? (…)

(note that the holocaust in Croatia was done under the slogan : God of/and Croats; the allusion is more than clear. See the documentary with the same title:

And that happened in European Union member state in Omis, and the present were members of the largest Croatian opposition party – HDZ (Croatian democratic Community)


Burning racism and antiserbism: Tomislav Karamarko, leader of opposition in Croatia

What the controversal neo nazi politician this time said (some time ago he said he would never let his child marry a Serbs, and ‘no price to high’ to prevent such a marriage)?
After the Croatian Ministry of education sent the Croatian history books, as an act of diplomatic bona fidae Karamarko, who is a mayor od Split, found it insultive:

–  There are no Chetnik dukes  to review Croatian textbooks . And those in power just let them so! The same those who removed from EU institutions our educated children, as they knew how to ” walk the corridors of Brussels” ( lobby; make backstair deals in EU) , and brought their non educated and incopetent offsprings!

This is  what  Karamarko said on Monday night at a meeting of the HDZ in Omis , and after his words the shouts were heard:   ” To the the pits with them!”
The same Karamarko is active in Serbian cyrillic alphabet persecution; he supports Ustasha and Nazi methods against Serbs who are ”the dirt in Croatian soil”, as he stresses in any occassion.

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