Croatian group “Hajduk Jugend ” threatens with extinction Serbs and Jews in Croatia

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Croatia: Unknown persons  threatens Serbs and Jews, saying: ‘ Hang the Serbs ‘ and ‘ Juden Raus ‘ (translation: ‘ Jews out ‘ ) .

Ustasa jugend

Similar written threats happen almost daily to Serbs in Croatia

ŠIBENIK / SPLIT – Serbian Orthodox Church in Split have received a threatening letter (on Tuesday) where the Serbs in Croatia are  threatened with  total annihilation and persecution, meanwhile Jews  are to be expelled out of Croatia, announces  the Office of the Serbian Orthodox  Diocese of Dalmatia Sibenik and conveyed portal .

UstasaCroatian ‘hero’ from Jasenovac conc. camp (the holly camp, according to the Hajduk jugend) with cut off head of an Serbian Orthodox priest.

As stated on their official website, the letter  glorifyies  fascism and the Ustasha movement, genocide of Serbs,  Ante Pavelic , ” the holly camps ” such as Jasenovac and Stara Gradiska. The unknown author threatens Serbs and Jews, saying, ” Hang the Serbs ” and ” Juden Raus ” (translation: ” Jews out ” ) . In’s signed as “Hajduk Jugend ” .

srbe-1Only two months ago the picture of hanged people (‘Serbs to be hanged on willows’) ‘decorated’  main Croatian  square in Zagreb; 

” Piece by piece but we’ll exterminate you all ,” and  ” Ask yourselves, chetniks, whether this your last day of the life ” – these are just some of the messages of a threatening letter for the Serbian Orthodox Church and the remaining Serbs in Croatia.  The Parish of the Diocese of Dalmatia reported the case to the police , and the investigation ongoes ‘.