Bosnia and Herzegovina & Turkey

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I came across this ilustration; it trully ilustartes  what Turks are up to : Bosna

 – that is unification with the whole of , unitary, eclusively Muslim Bosnia, without other etnicities nor nations. Some may say, Oh it’s a single anonimous person’s, who cares; But such a way of (not)seeing the things as they are  is dangerous; by chance, I know very well how the Turks are united when it comes to Bosnia, Kosovo, and Raska even.
Btw was it not one of the requests from the rioters of Bosnia and Herzegovina to dissolve the ethnic borders and cantons?
To unite it, to form one unitary state, borderless for ”Bosniaks”, and under the ”Bosniak’ rule, as they stressed?

And even traditionaly pro Ottoman American press shyly notices ( The Washington Post): Turkey’s presence in Bosnia was largely dormant during the more than 40 years that the Balkan country was part of communist Yugoslavia, which was not receptive to Turkish religious and historical influences. But during the mid-1990s, as Yugoslavia fell apart, Turkish aid started flowing to the Muslims – end quote;

Ackowledge that there are also two Turkish universities in Sarajevo:  Turkish International University of Sarajevo (International University of Sarajevo  IUS)  and BURCH;

The Symbol of the IUS university is a memorial to Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror who in 1453. conquered  Constantinople and 1463. Bosnia.

The “BURCH” university is  is conservative especially in religious spirit  (wahhabi?) , but at the same time their lectures are secular.


 IUS Sarajevo University organizes annual training program Search and Rescue in the Northern (occupied) Cyprus, in ‘Lefkoşa’ ( capital Nicosia called so by local Turkish Cypriot population)

Turkey is trying to return to the Balkans as the leading country in the region. The growing influence of Turkey in Bosnia is observed with anxiety and dissatisfaction by the Serbian people, who already face  Bosnian Muslims dreaming the rule of the old imperial power.

“For Islamists, such as the Albanians and Bosnian Muslims, a return of Turkey back to the Balkans is a fulfillment of ambitions. But for many Serbs and also for many Croats, their national struggle in the 19th century is still in their minds,” said Esad Hecimovic, the editor of news programs on OMT, the private television station that has been airing the soap opera based on Turkish version of Suleiman’s life.

New Republic editors Jacob Heilbrunn and Michael Lind in the article titled  The Third American Empire, argued that the US-led occupation of Bosnia should not be seen primarily as an assertion of US leadership in Europe, nor even as an extension of US military power into the Balkans.  The major aim of the American military deployment in Bosnia was to exert US dominance in the Middle East, transforming the strategic region from the Balkans to the Persian Gulf into a virtual US protectorate: “Instead of seeing Bosnia as the eastern frontier of NATO, we should view the Balkans as the western frontier of America’s rapidly expanding sphere of influence in the Middle East.”

Western experts believe the largely untapped oil and natural gas riches of the Caspian Sea countries could make that region the Persian Gulf of the next century.

If the US has been more willing than France, Britain or Germany to support the establishment of Bosnia as a Muslim state, it is because, say Heilbrunn and LindAmerica now heads a coalition of Moslem-client states, whose parameters roughly coincide with the old Ottoman Empire.

Therefore it’s not sursprise that the USA simply refused to see the Islamists and wwahabbi  fanatics mutilating ehole Serbian families, raping children – the USA were FOR that; it suits their primarly financial interest and hungar for new resources.


The U.S. intervention in Bosnia should be viewed as establishing the western border of a new American empire in the Middle East, encompassing the regions once ruled by the Ottoman Turks… etc.

off topic, but: if you are curious about this issue, try to find out who evaluates and edits Bosnian Muslim (and Albanian) History books.) 

 And the last significant issue are the recent  requests of protesters from Tuzla, Sarajevo: even though portrayed, – as usually when it comes to Muslims from Balkans –  as  ’just’,  economically motivated (Muslim fundamentalism? Nooo, in Bosnia (or Kosovo)?! Never!)   they are rather political and constitutional; The rioters require the constitution from 1992 back to power. Remember that’s the humiliating one, that provides Muslims with full rights, meanwhile all non muslims are treated as a second class citizens. That’s the one that provoked the civil war.

Ustav Bih

And  that’s what they don’t even hide.
Oh, this drowing speaks quite a lot, if you know how to listen.