The sad anniversary: 14 years since the terrorist attack on Niš express bus in Livadice

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Kosovska Mitrovica – Today marks 14 years since Albanian terrorists attacked the  ” Nis expresses ” bus in Livadice near Podujevo.
12 people were killed and 43 injured, all Serbs , who were going to memorial service in Gracanica .

Nis express

By activating mines on the road on 16 February 2001. in  Livadice, Podujevo , the first bus from the convoy was blasted; the whole convoy transported the Serbian refugees from Kosovo and Metohija; it was escorted by KFOR units, which didn’t suffer any damage nor injury.Nis expresss

As the mines exploded 10 people were killed and two heavily injured passes away.
The suspect for this crime, the Albanian Fljorim Ejupi  was sentenced to 40 years , but, as it happened everytime when Serbs were victims, –  the Supreme Court of ‘Kosovo’ acquitted for ‘lack of evidence’ in March 2009.