12. February 1942. – the very first escape of inmates from one German WWII conc. camp took place in Nis, Serbia

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12. February 2015. marks  73 anniversary of the escape from German conc camp ” Red Cross ” in Nis, Serbia, when Serbian inmates managed what seemed impossible.
World War II veterans, survivors and relatives of the victims  traditionally marked the anniversary of the very first escape from a German conc camp in World War II .  Wreaths were laid in front of the delegation of Nis,  and priests of Diocese of Nis served a memorial for the patriots who perished in this camp.

Deathmarching of the column of people,  representatives of the city,  the army, the police, the few of those who survived the hell  of  Crveni Krst camp  and relatives of those who have fallen in the Nazi camp in Nis…  – this is a traditional memorial to them , because on this day  more than seven decades ago, they achieved something that was considered impossible – they opposed the German invaders.


The preserved ruins of the German shame –  Crveni Krst  memorial
Only a few of those who  survived the German occupying boots is still alive . Years have passed , but the memories remain etched deeply .

The camp at Crveni Krst, Nis  is a historical  heritage that is necessary to preserve  for  the past and for future generations. It is estimated that around 30,000 Serbian prisoners have passed  through the camp, and 12,000  Serbs were killed at the location named Bubanj.  Many other detainees were transferred to other German or Croatian camps throughout Europe (Zemun, Staro Sajmiste near Belgrade).  The conc camp in Nis is especially known for escape of 105 inmates on 12.  February 1942. After the escape, as revenge, Germans killed  1,100 of Serbian patriots .
The organized  escape of inmates from Crveni Krst camp was a then-  unique  event in imprisoned Europe .