The assassinations of the Habsburgs: Hungarians, Italians, Mexicans even have been assassinating Habsburgs

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Contrary to the popular belief, members of the “Young Bosnia”  in 1914. have only  completed a series of assassinations that lasted more than sixty years. Italians, Hungarians, Croats, and even Mexicans  were attacking the Viennese imperial family. And all of them carry the indisputable  global  aureole of  heroes and martyrs. Except when it comes to  Serb Gavrilo Princip.

ASSASSINATION has never be among legal means of solving problems , but it was /is  a legitimate way of political struggle –  when it comes to the killing of tyrants, historians say. The assassination was considered a legitimate weapon of the oppressed against the rulers who usurped all the institutions of society and thus endangered the survival of the nation.  Even Christianity, which sees the murder as a mortal sin, didin’t hesitate to give legitimacy to the assassination if survival of the nation was endangered.

Modern day “The Catholic Encyclopedia” defines  tyrannicide as ” killing of a tyrant by an individual  for the common good”;  as the prominent historian Vladimir Dedijer says in the legendary book “Sarajevo 1914”, – published in America 1964.  on the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of Franz Ferdinand-  (It should be noted that a history professor at Harvard University, Charles S. Maine, named Dedijer’s book Sarajevo 1914.  the World no1 book about the World War I. issues.

At the time this book was published, historians throughout the world taught their students that Gavrilo Princip and his fellow combatants fought for national liberation from the tyranny, and that there were also many Italians , Hungarians  and even Mexicans who conducted the assassinations of the Habsburgs and their high officials .

From all the assassins on Habsburgh family, nowaday revisionists overlook all except one.  As the centenary approaches, various politically correct historians  and  similar media don’t fail to mention Gavrilo Princip and his Mlada Bosna fellow   –  the terrorists . Although  their act was just the latest in a series of assassins in  60 years  of shooting,  grenading , stabbing and slaughtering of the  members of the Viennese royal family .

It occured first when Jozef Mak, former commander of the artillery in Komáromi , raised the Hungarian uprising . Then in 1853. again, after the Hungarian patriots and  Libenji,  who was a tailor, tried to slaughter  Emperor Franz Joseph;  it was his thick collar that saved his life.  Some time later police discovered a new plot, so among the arrested were suffragists Zsuzsa Kossuth , Clara Levy and Blanka Teleki .

Yet another assasination was carried out by the Italian nationalist Gugliermo Oberdan;  in 1992. the  Italian President compared Guillermo to Jesus Christ.  And what  did Oberdan  actually do?  In 1882. he  threw a bomb (that didn’t explode) at the Emperor Franz Joseph and his wife Elizabeth during the celebration of the Austrian annexation of Trieste. Yet he’s a martyr of the Italian unification movement. In Trieste, one of the central squares carries his name.


Memorial plaque glorifuying Oberdan’s patriotism, bravery and sacrifice, Bologna, Italy 
The associate in the  assassination was a pharmacist Donato Ragoza from Istria;  four yearsearlier in Udini, Ragoza carried out an failed attempt to assasinate Franz Josef.  the Italian court acquitted him on the grounds that the attempted murder was motivated by patriotism.  About Oberdan:

Italian assassins of  the Habsburgs were not only nationalists , but also leftists . Empress Elizabeth was killed by anarchist Luigi Luccheni by an exacerbated file.

The bullet ended the life of Maximilian Joseph , the brother of Emperor Franz Josef , who in 1863. became the crowned king of Mexico; that sparkled the  rebellion of Mexican patriots . Four years later he was captured and executed .

The political killings were extremely common in Western Europe ,  U.S. and Russia through the 19.  to the mid 20. century . Historians point out that assassinations were  performed not only by the oppressed who couldn’t no longer endure tyrants . The rulling class  also organized deadly political conspiracies against their competitors.

One of such occured  in 1889.  when the true Austrian Crown prince, Rudollph  Joseph Habsburg , a son of Emperor Franz Josef  This atypical Habsburg , liberal, probably mason , ridiculed the Catholic fanaticism of the Viennese court , opposed the occupation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the thought of the German emperor Vilehelm Hohenzollern as ”an restricted person, who will not cease to cause trouble in Europe.”

Prince Rudolph  was found dead with his mistress Maria Vecera  in the castle Mayerling. The official version says that they got drunk and killed each other by hitting with a Champagne bottle.  The autopsy, performed a century later (in 1992). discovered  in Rudolph’s remains six bullets.

After the assassination of the heir to the throne, the emperor’s disliked nephew Franz Ferdinand was proclaimed  crown prince, under the infuence of the military clique  which advocated the preventive war against Serbia.

It’s unclear who really put the gun in hands of Gavrilo Princip and after the first unsuccessful attack of  Cabrinovic,  and who literally parked the car in front of the pipe.  Even the Duke of Hohenberg, son of Franz Ferdinand, in his memoirs stressed that the Sarajevo assassination just served as an excuse, but not the cause of the First World War.