Riots in Bosnia not about economy only

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While reporting from the latest protest in Bosnia, the global media has been biased again. Headlines were such as:
“Protesters are fed up with economic and political stagnation sacked government buildings in cities across Bosnia,
Bosnia riots fully driven by economics & disdain for politicians. Both v. common in the world.
Bosnia protests: “Young people don’t have jobs. Older people don’t have pensions. Everyone is fed up
Peaceful protests in Bosnia after riots: Bosnia was hit by fresh protests against unemployment and corruption,”  and hundreds of similar lines.
But neither the protests have been about  the economic stagnation, nor the common people were  protesting over low incomes, unemployment and insecure pension system, –  but rather political and constitutional.
And  that’s what they don’t even hide.
What the so called protesters want? To cancel Republika Srpska. Republika Srpska, guaranteed by Dayton agreement has since ever been an obstacle for the total islamization of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The Udar (‘Strike’) organization ( the symbol is globally known from the so called coloured revolutions and the Arab spring) who organized the whole uprising,  calls for cancelation of the Republika Srpska; the protesters use war time flags of then Bosnian muslim army.
(the picture bellow)
Ratna Zastava
Here are the plans concerning Republika Srpska explained  – ackowledge that they didn’t fail to mention “Serbian war crimes” –   in order to justify some future bloodshed (?)
Still , destiny of the tens of thousands Sarajevo Serbs remains unknown, but they are unwilling to talk about that.
bosanski Udar
Naser oRIc
Asociating oneselves with a person responsible (or at least suspect) of murdering over 3000 Serbs has nothing to do with economy
And the last but not the least – the symbol.
Otpor egypt
Muslim brotherhood in Egypt  – That’s the same symbol jihadists and mujahedeen were using in Libya, Syria, Egypt , and in all these states we saw Orthodox Christian churches in flames, ancient Orthodox monasteries devastated, even the nuns raped and mutilated. 
They tried the same in Venezuela under Chavez, in Georgia and Russia.
Still doubtful?
This is also interesting, even though it was clear from the moment  Gene Sharp announced his tutorship on Otpor
Cia Otpor
And the last annoucment: person named Salih Kapić calls for spreading ,,the fire of riots on Republica Srpska, its capital Banja Luka, blocking bordersm crossings and boundaries, as well as aerports and demonstarnts in Republika Srpska have to be prepared for beutality!
Meanwhile global media still reports about  economy, hard life  and socially motivated unrests!
We have the same media disimformations we have had back in ’90-ies when global media ‘missed’ to report about thousands of jihadists, Bin Laden and Al Qaeda murdering Orthodox Christians in Bosnia daily!
  And finally, as for the Serbian supporters of  ”Bosnian unrest” this is what they, indeed, are: