The memorial plaque for 52 murdered Serbian pupils from Šargovac near Banjaluka, Republica Srpska unvelied

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By serving the memorial service and History lecture in the ” Djura Jaksic ” School,  ​​Banja Luka,  Šargovac, Republica Srpska  marked 72 years of suffering of 52 students of the school  who were killed by the Ustasha on February 7, 1942.

sargovac-d4c6c82fThe memorial plaque at Djura Jaksic school, memory of monstrous crime commited by Independent State of Croatia (NDH)

On 7 February  1942 . Croatian troops “Ustasha”  slaughtered  2 300 Serbs, including 551 children  from  Motike , Šargovac , Drakulic villages and Rekavice mine on the most monstrous way;  Those executions were extremely brutal, without a single shot fired; thousands of Serbs were killed with axes, hammers, knives and “Serb-cutter,” (the picture bellow). There have been  52 pupils from the elementary school of Šargovac among the victims.


2 300 Serbs,  551 children were killed without a single shot fired: left: Croatian invention, Serb cutter as they named it; a blade constantly fixed on the wrist in order to provide more efficiency to the Ustashi butchers.
on the right: Hammer for smashing heads was widely used in Independent State of Croatia for murdering Serbs (Jasenovac, Jadovno, Kozara pits, etc). 

President of the National Assembly of Republica Srpska,  Igor Radojicic said that it is of great importance for all citizens to keep the memory in order to avoid such things to happen ever again.

” That’s the responsibility of people today that in these generaly difficult times, when there’s not much justice,  they recognize  their interest without  succumbing to something that could lead our nation  into new problems and challenges.  ”

Radojicic reminded that today marks 72 years since the terrible crime occurred in the area of Šargovac , adding that in addition to hundreds of others there were killed 52 children solely because of their Serbian ethnicity and Orthodox religion .

Minister of Education and Culture in Republica Srpska  Goran Mutabdžija stressed that the terrible crime was commited against children in Šargovac, just because they were Serbs .
” This raises numerous questions to be  reviewed , first of all, the content concerning the events in modern Serbian history of  20th century and the suffering of the Serbian people, espacially suffering of children . ”
The minister said it has to be checked out whether it was and the way it is presented  in the syllabus in order  to avoid undesired constructions. “We have to say openly what happened  and to keep the memory about this crime.”
Mayor of Banja Luka Slobodan Gavranović says  that 72 years ago  52 children have been murdered just because they did not belong to that nation of their  executors .
” These kids have been innocent and what happened to them  clearly exposes that the crime cannot be justified understand , and especially not  forgotten. It’s difficult to forgive , even though Christianity orders to forgive .”

Prebilovci in 1991. – The remains of Serbian children massacred by Croats, WW II