Pristina: Students’ protest over corruption in the state University

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As the media reports, “Hundreds of (Albanian) protesters are locked in a stand-off with Kosovo (Albanian) special police units outside the offices of the dean of the main public university and are demanding his resign following accusations of corruption and mismanagement. Dozens of Albanian students of University of Prishtina are continuing to protest before Rector’s Office of UP for the fourth day, seeking dismissal of rector Ibrahim Gashi. The protesters, mostly students of the University of Prishtina, say Dean Ibrahim Gashi and dozens of other staff published research material in fictitious journals abroad to falsify their teaching credentials.  

Police scuffled briefly (on Monday with) a group of students that broke through the gates of the front yard. Police in riot gear prevented the students from storming the building.”   etc..
 The Albanians used to do the same during the times of Yugoslavia and  in Albanian society old customs never die, on the contrary.  Even though they captured all the buildings and infrastructure built by Yugoslavia and in recent decades Serbia,  and despite billions  dollar aid and investments from all over the world, the Albanians didn’t manage to establish any functional institution in Kosovo, which, after NATO aggression on Serbia from 1999,  remains  nothing but a ‘black hole’ on the map.
 Students protest continues 
 Students protest continues
Students protest continues
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