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What old history books say about Kosovo

February 27, 2014 by


I recently came across the book published in London 1916, with title Kosovo Day (1389-1916) ; For Cross and Freedom – Serbian Motto; I browsed the Library university of California, L.A.  It tells the true story of Kosovo, before the bribed politicans and dishonest geopolitical trade   ”adjusted” the history according to their present day interests. […]

Medjugorje: How the place of mass murder of Serbs became place of Catholic pilgrimage

February 26, 2014 by


They say it all started on 24 jun 1981. Sunset over incandescent Herzegovina, haunted rocky space, blood and water. Fifteen-year-old Ivanka Ivankovic,  on the way home to the village Bijakovići, suddenly saw on the hill Crnica a woman in a white robe, with a white scarf over the head and the child in her arms. […]

New Ukraine leaders want president Janukovich to face Hague court, even though the Tribunal has been established for former Yugoslavia

February 25, 2014 by


The so called Tibunal in Hague is proven to be not more than a Cangaroo court. Similar to the former Yugoslavia where the main condition to be released is that the accused is not Serb, the quasi Tribunal (actually sponsored by NATO in order to serve  interest of the Imperialist organization) is assigned to supply […]

Throw them to pits! To pits with them!- Croatia, EU member state, February 2014; and ‘them’ are – the Serbs

February 25, 2014 by


When the head of the Croatian opposition Tomislav Karamarko tactlessly commented sending the Croatian history textbook to President of Serbia in  primitive, Serbophobic,  non – diplomatic and insultive manner his words were immediately greeted with orgazmic shouts evoking the treatement Serbs had within the Nazi puppet Independent state of Croatia (over one million Serbs, Jews and […]

Krstaški pokolj pravoslavnih u Carigradu od pre 810 godina i nasilje protiv Srba i Srbije kao nastavak te politike

February 25, 2014 by


Uništavanje Carigrada pre 810 godina stvorilo nepremostiv jaz između istoka i zapada. Srednjovekovne formule Latina i danas se koriste kao opravdanje nasilja protiv Srba i Srbije NAJVEĆI i najsudbonosniji rat Evrope odigrao se 1204, kada su u Četvrtom krstaškom pohodu Latini, Venecijanci i franački krstaši osvojili i spalili Carigrad, smatraju mnogi naučnici. Pod izgovorom da […]

Revizija srpske istorije, revizija sećanja srpskog naroda

February 21, 2014 by


Briše se sećanje srpskog naroda Kratka istorija Srbije u velikom ratu opisana u knjizi Mire Radojević i Ljubodraga Dimića.  – Suočavamo se sa revizionističkim udarom koji je motivisan političkim odlukama. Kolubarska bitka bila je jedna od najznačajnijih u Velikom ratu SVAKO osvajanje znanja je revizija već postojeće istoriografske slike prošlosti, ali se u slučaju teme […]

Bosnia and Herzegovina & Turkey

February 20, 2014 by


I came across this ilustration; it trully ilustartes  what Turks are up to :   – that is unification with the whole of , unitary, eclusively Muslim Bosnia, without other etnicities nor nations. Some may say, Oh it’s a single anonimous person’s, who cares; But such a way of (not)seeing the things as they are  is […]