Not a single Croatian bishop attended the International Remembrance Day of the Holocaust in Croatia

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Croatia is probably a single state alloved to turn the International Day of Remembrance into a Mockery day. –

” By April 1941.  there weren’t any  mass executions of the people because of their different religion or origin.  Establishment of the NDH started with mass murder , first of Serbs , and then the Jews. ”   – Croatian PM Milanovic tried to repair the damage . “Against such a state , the so-called Independent State of Croatia thousands, and even more , Croats rose up.”

Unlike Milanovic who said that mass crimes in Europe started  in Jasenovac first, parliamentary speaker Josip Leko argued that the crimes began from the first days of the Hitler dictatorship:

“In all of the Croatian past one of those terrifying pages , the darkest and most inhuman is the ustasha Jasenovac death camp , modeled as  notorious Nazi death camps.”

Katolici nacisti   ” The genocide started immediately , without any preparation and organization (as opposed to the Holocaust , which was carefully prepared and accomplished ) . As the Ustashas established their rule in Zagreb ( mid-April ’41 ) the massacres began; they continued throughout weeks and years . Massacres were not silence nor concealed (as was the case in the German concentration camps ), but  well -known , visible, public: on the streets , in the Orthodox Church … It was not  about the Nazis against the Jews, but the fanatical fascists Catholic religion against other Christians –  the Orthodox Serbs ( ie independent of Rome, like the Serbian patriarchate in Belgrade and his orthodox bishops are ) .

In Croatia, the genocide of the Jews , who were only ninety thousands , was  only an addition comparing it with whast happened to the Serbs, and it was launched by the Nazis . Muslims were left alone. Last distinction : the murders were executed with such ferocity (  against Serbian women , children , mutilating , removing eyes , tearing  womb … ) so it stands out on the cruelty of World War II and in the history of the last century . In comparisons with these gas chambers are soft killing devices . – Marco Aurellio Rivelli,  ‘The Genocide Bishop’

But the Croatian press expressses different sentiments towards the monstrous genocidal fascistic state of Croatia.  Let’s review, for example,  the Jutarnji list daily: 


The Catholic Church  is not responsible for the suffering of Jews and Serbs in the Independent State of Croatia , as it was church regularly and brutally stressed the communist system . Indeed , it is indisputable that Cardinal Aloysius Stepinac repeatedly condemned Ustasha pogrom and that he saved the Jews and Serbs.

   —-  END QUOTE


The Genocide Archbishop, written by Marco Aurellio Rivelli, describes the Papist crimes and genocide Croatian saint Stepinac commited on Serbs, Jews and Roma/ Gypsies 

Here’s an excerpt from the magazine of the Israeli Community of Athens, “ALEF”, Edition No. 20, March-April 2008:  

In the year 2000, the Greek translation of the book byMarco Aurelio Rivelli, “The Genocide Archbishop” was published by Proskinio Publications, under the supervision of Nikos Kleitsikas, who had asked from the (then Metropolitan of Thebes) Hieronymos to prologue the book. 

The book, which refers to the «genocide of hundreds of thousands Serbs and tens of thousands Jews and Gypsies in Croatia during the 2nd World War by the Nazis, the Croatian Ustasi and the catholic church…has the title “the Archbishop of Genocide”, since its central character is the (then) catholic archbishop of Zagreb Alojzije (Aloysius) Stepinac, who, together with sections of the Croatian catholic clergy was the protagonist in the slaughters, playing a leading role in the planning and their realization…was convicted as a war criminal, however, the Vatican never accepted this conviction and instead, presented Stepinac as a supposed “victim of Communism”…in the Autumn of 1998 the Catholic Church proclaimed Stepinac a saint.» (Newspaper Rizospastis, 30.06.2000)

In the prologue of the same book the Archbishop of Athens Hieronymos writes:

«The tragedy is woven around an objective – the independence of the State of Croatia – an objective that unfortunately justifies every violent method and practice. From the six and a half million citizens of Croatia, more than two million were Orthodox Serbs…All of these people, in the name of the creation of a new Croatia – a homeland of a people “pure” in body and in soul, without any racial mixes, and without any elements that did not conform to their own roman-catholic faith – had to be exterminated.»

«This ethnic-religious cleansing began with external discriminations.  Serb citizens were obliged to wear an armband of blue color, with the letter “O” (for Orthodox) printed on it.  The Jews had to wear the Star of David – at first on their sleeves and later on their backs.  On the mass transport media, there were signs that warned: “Boarding is prohibited to Serbs, Jews, gypsies and dogs”. »

After proceeding to write about the horror of the mass slaughters – with the guilty participation of the Catholic Church in them –  he condemns the “beatification” of Stepinac and in closing, proposes that we be led:

«…to the true spirit of the teaching of Jesus Christ:  our respect for the other person, without any conflicts, regardless of their descent and their religious convictions, within the framework of a faith that does  not add fuel to the fire, but heals the wounds».  

Marco Aurelio Rivelli 

————-  END QUOTE

So the “alleged humanism” and the salvation of Serbs and Jews  in Independent state of Croatia is the sweetest and favourite widespread fairytale from the Croatian side. The greater one could be only the one History chanel broadcasted : about Croatian kings. (!?!?)  but that problem appears when people confuse PR for facts. As for Stepinac see the above mentioned book of Aurelli.


– There is, therefore , absolutely no reason for (our) Church to feel uncomfortable when it comes to marking the Day of Remembrance of the Holocaust , as there is no reason for the Church to  feel uncomfortable for the Ustasha crimes. ”
( )


On the other side, the International Commission for the truth about Jasenovac ( MKIJ ) , in cooperation with the Association of Jasenovac – Donja Gradina of Republica Srpska,in their two volume book dedicated to uncovering the truth about what happened in Jasenovac system of Ustasha camps and extermination of Serbs , Jews, and Roma in the NDH during World War II , provides different data:

The Commission member Dr Srboljub Zivanovic, Professor at University College London , the world’s scientific authority in the field of anatomy , anthropology and paleopathology, says:

– In our last meeting in New York  we investigated  371 names of  the Croatian Catholic priests who slaughtered , murderd , tortured , raped mainly Serbs but  other nations as well,  and did all sorts of atrocities .

Notable American scientist Michael Birnbaum ,the Commission for genocide in Rwanda member, said that Serbia and the former Yugoslavia didn’t do a thing in order to bring the criminals to justice; His commision  aknowledge the  names of 1,400 Croatian Catholic priests, undoubted murderers.

So the  International Commission for the truth about Jasenovac (MKIJ)  found out that the 1,371 Croatian Catholic priest commited  terrible , so unbelievable crimes in Independent State of Croatia.  If we know that there were about 2,000 priests in Croatia in that period, it means that of three Croatian priests there were two butchers . And almost all of them were members of the Franciscan order .”  

Catolic  Croatian clergy embraced Nazism OpaticeCroat Nazi fuhrer Ante Pavelić during the WWII with Croat Roman Catholic nuns who directly participated in mass murdering of Orthodox Serbs and their conversion to Roman Catholicism within the territory of the Independent State of Croatia

The Commission founds that over 700,000 Serbs , 23,000 Jews and 80,000 Roma/Gypsies have been killed in  Jasenovac. Last year, the Commission announced the data based on incomplete research, that in the Independent State of Croatia (NDH)  camps for children:
42,791 serbian children,  5,737 Roma/Gypsy and 3,710 Jewish children under the age of 14 were murdered by Croats.

Deca leye On the picture: Corpses of children starved to death in the notorious Concentration Camp of Jasenovec, whose Commandant at one time was a Franciscan Monk, Father Filipovic. Father Filipovic, following the advice of Father D. Juric, let more than 2,000 other Orthodox children die while the camp was still under his rule.  Jasenovac Concentration Camp distinguished itself because of the number of young inmates sent there. In 1942 the Camp held over 24,000 Orthodox youngsters. Twelve thousand of them were murdered in cold blood by the Commandant.  Special camps for children were set up in many parts of Croatia. Those who were sick or too old to change their religion were made to perish through neglect or where simply massacred. An Ustashi named Ante Urban, a pious Catholic, protested indignantly at his trial after the war when accused of having killed hundreds of children. He asked the Judge to consider the accusation a lie, “Since,” he explained, he had killed personally “only sixty-three of them.”

UstasaUstasha troops carry the decapitated head of a Serbian Orthodox priest ,  1942 in Drakulic village, Banja Luka in Bosnia. The Ustasha twisted the lips and moth into a grin. 

As always when it comes to genocide(s) committed by Croats, not a single condemnative word from the International Community – All quiet on the Western front.

After  reading the Croatian press, I recalled the words I was told some time ago: 

The truth is  that Pavelic and the bloody Independent State of Croatia are seen as something positive and respectful in Croatian society, as well as  respect as an “important” and ‘glorious’ part of Croatian history and in terms of solving so called Croatian national question , as it is ultimately resolved in the August 1995, when over 300 000 Serbs were expelled and several thousands murdered during the Croatian aggression on Respublica Srpska Krajina, an ancient Serbian entity established in 17. century by Habsbourghs. Therefore, all the murderers, butchers… they are acceptable as long as they serve the purpose of creating an independent, ethnically clean state of fanatics.

Franjo Tudjman  and pope John Paul: Vatican was the first to recognize independent Croatia in 1991, which started the bloodshed in former Yugoslavia

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