Vatican supports Croatian genocidal orgy again

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The Roman Catholic Church in Croatia was openly supporting Ustasha Nazi ideology related events in a variety of ways, apart from serving the masses for war criminal Ante Pavelic, the catholic clergy of Croatia recently hosted under their roof the organizers of the petition against use of  Cyrillic alphabet in Croatia”,  says Dusan Bastašić, chairman of the Association ” Jadovno 1941.

CRoatian nazi

” In the last four years no representatives of the Catholic church  ever appeared at Šaranova pit on the Velebit mountain, for  joint anniversary with the Orthodox priest and a Jewish rabbi, to  pray for the souls of the innocent victims of the Croatian fanatics”

Bastasic is worried by the lukewarm response of the Croatian state leadership , who’s  unwilling or unable to resist the growing wave of Ustasha ideology and fascism .

Vukovar, Croatia, September 2013. – Destroying the Cyrilic plaque

Fighting the Cyrillic alphabet with the blessing of the Roman Catholic Church –  “This could have dire consequences for the few Serbs who, despite all,  chose to live in Croatia, and to keep their Serbian identity,” said Bastašić .

licanka Republika Srpska Krajina, Lika, 1993: Tudjman’s  Croats (Ustasha) attacked the UN Protected Zone, killing thousands of Krajina Serbs, civilians. The picture shows partially burned body of an elderly Krajina Serbian woman killed in her house in Lika by Tudjman’s troops.

It is curious that only a few members of an civil action movement , with a yellow Star of David on their sleeve, protested in front of the church , holding a banner on which was the same star; but they wrote that  “200,000 people were killed in Ustasha camps.” !


1941, Zagreb – Catholic clergy greets their leader with a NAZI salute

” Shameless reduce of the number of victims ,  which are symbolically attributed only to one nation (Jews), made the protesters  alike the Croatian Nazis who came to serve mass after their leader, since they ‘forgot’ that most of those killed in Croatia were Serbs .”

DeteThe photo above is of a three-year old Serbian boy who was shot dead while hiding in the cellar at 72 Nikola Demonja Street, Vukovar, Croatia. His mother and father, Sladjana and Miroslav Cecavac, were also brutally killed by Tudjman’s Ustashe Nazi troops. This 3 year old Serbian child was labelled a “Serbian aggressor” by the Croatian government and the Western corporate – controlled media. In order to stop his so-called ”aggression”, the  ”brave” Croatian neo-Ustashe soldiers put a bullet in the back of his head, which exited from the front of his skull. In the war in Croatia and Bosnia, by mid-1994, 7,000 Serbian children were killed: twice as many as Croatian and Muslim children combined. If, God forbid, this was your child, what would you do to his killers? (From: “The Suppressed Serbian Voice And The Free Press In America” By William Dorich, 1994 – p 30)

“It is such a shame that person like Stjepan Mesic speaks about  the need to combat the growing Croatian fanaticism, Stjepan Mesic who,  openly flirted with the Ustasha emigres and collected money for Tudjman , Susak and Mercep army. ”

Chairman of the Board of the Serbian national society ( SND ) ” Prebilovci ” Milenko Jahura believes that the existence of NDH (Independent state of Croatia 1941 – 1943.)  , no doubt , was result of the aspirations of the Croatian society and the church and people.


Serbian children in the very first dead camp for children. Invention of the Independent sate of Croatia

” Let me remind you of the delight of the masses after establishing the Hazi state and joining Hitler’s troops in Zagreb. Alternatively, read the sermon Mostar Bishop Ratko Peric read on April 28,  2002., on the occasion of the transfer of the remains of Don Elias Thomas , Ustasha Commissioner for Herzegovina , in, until recently, pure Serbian Orthodox village Klepci . Bishop said that Thomas was supporter of  the NDH ” like any other Croat of the time .”
He recalled that Thomas was a member of the Ustasha movement in Čapljina and during the war he killed about 400 Serbian children.

” Despite all, he was declared a martyr, and his day officially included in the Catholic Church calendar to be marked/celebrated on the 2. May. Whoever monitors  developments in this area , could easily find on the internet about the excavations of the former NDH Ustashas, often notorious  war criminals, all with solemn religious ceremonies, in order to transfer them (the ,,martyrs”)  to the Memorial cemetery or to re – bury  them in some of the Roman Catholic  church where those mass murderers get honourable monuments . It’s openly and without any obstacle done  in Croatia and Croato – Muslim Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina “said Jahura .

The truth is that Pavelic and the bloody Independent State of Croatia are seen as something positive and respectful in Croatian society, as well as an “important” and ‘glorious’ part of Croatian history, since their role in resolving complex of Croatian inability to create their own state by themselves which was resolved in the August 1995, when over 300 000 Serbs were expelled and several thousands murdered during the Croatian aggression on Respublica Srpska Krajina, an ancient Serbian entity established in 17. century by Habsbourghs.

“As for the church , and the church consists of bishops , priests and the faithful , all is even clearer .For the Croatian Catholic church Ustasha, and hence the Leader , are perceived as a value pre se;  they are  incorporated into Croatian religious system and doctrine. That’s logical. Croats and almost all the people , care about their national and state goals and interests; that includes respect and esteem of those who contributed to their achievement . Didn’t Pavelic and ustashe did so by murdering over a million of Serbs and expelling over a 500 000 ? Isn’t  Croatia respectfull, and enjoys support and glory from the international community, despite everything? “asks Jahura .

He adds that the attitude towards the Serbs killed in the genocides in Bosnia and Croatia in three wars in the 20th century , is best illustrated by the extremely popular Croatian songs:  ” Jasenovac and Gradiska Stara ( places of the most monstrous death camps for Serbs), are the places of Max’s butchers” (Max Luburic, real butcher of the Orthodox Serbs, especially infants)

” The slaughterhouse was Čapljina , many Serbs Neretva litters ”  (Neretva – the river Croats used to throw murdered Serbs into)
and    ” Pavelic, What to do to Serbs? – Put ‘ in chains , throw into Šurmanci “., etc

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