The first death camps in Europe were those the Austro Hungarians established for Serbs

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The first concentration camps in Europe were established for Serbs  in the Austro – Hungarian Empire during  1915. and 1916. (World War I) , but little is known about it, because of  the Austrian policy of reducing their own responsibility for the crimes of Nazism ,  historian Predrag Markovic unveils.

” Austrian politics has always been tainted, it’s a constant attempt of portraying themselves as if they are different, that any of what happened is not their fault;  they blamed the Nazis, even though many ” achievements”  the Nazi regime applied, were, in fact, the  Austro-Hungarian invention . Many Nazi leaders were Austrians , including Hitler himself ,” said Markovic .

On  27. December 1915.  Austro Hungarian empire formed the very first concentration camps  in Doboj , Bosnia and Herzegovina, where  more than 45,000 Serbs were detained,  12,000 of them didn’t survive .


picture: genocide Austro Hungaria commited against Serbs

In the  Austro-Hungarian death camp in Doboj from December 1915. (when the first truck with imprisoned Serbs arrived), until 5 July  1917. when it was finally cancelled,  45,791 Serbs, (16 673 men, 16 996 women and children,  and 12 122 Serbian soldiers and the elderly from Herzegovina, Sarajevo and Romanija areas and border areas of Serbia and Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina),  have been imprisoned in inhumane conditions, and over 12 000 were executed in most monstrous ways.


Austro Hungarians often hung the Serbs

In 1938.  Serbian Orthodox Church built an mausoleum  in the yard of Doboj temple of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, where over 12 000 victims of the Austro-Hungarian Doboj camp have been exhumed. All that took place  in the area where the Tito regime built ​​the present railway station;  That’s exactly where the Serbs were held in wooden barracks, they had to share the space with the contagious dying  horses who suffered various infective diseases including   “glanders”

The  notorious WWII camp Mauthausen was actually established during the World War I for the Serbian civilians.  – ” Therefore,  concentration camps have actually never been a Nazi invention , since they were first used in the Austro – Hungarian Empire as a mean of  mass killing of Serbs. 

“Speaking globally  the first concentration camps for civilians were those in which the British imprisoned the rebellious descendants of Dutch settlers in the Boer Wars in the early 20th century , but on European soil it was Serbs who were captured, imprisoned and murdered in concentration and death camps .”

The Board of the Government of the Republika Srpska  established as a milestone the date of the internment of the Serbs to Doboj Austro-Hungarian camp , since the former Austro – Hungarian Empire committed the very first genocide in the 20th century there.


Monument in Doboj is to keep the memory of the victims as well as the executor: The aim of the Austro-Hungarian Empire through the Doboj camp and other similar places where the Empire committed monstrous crimes, was to destroy Serbian population and to permanently separate this area from other Serbian territories. – Petar Djokic,  Ministry of Labor and Veterans’ Affairs of the Republika Srpska 


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