Albanian genocide of the Serbs in the Twentieth century – documents of the Archives of the Diocese of Ras – Prizren and Kosovo – Metohija

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“Lying is done with words, and also with silence”

While searching some data concerning Kosovo and Serbian victims there I suddenly became aware of the strange fact  – all the available data was titled: Genocide of Albanians. Albanian sufferings, Thousands, million Albanians killed by the evil Serbs, etc…
Even though the NATO &Neo Ottoman war in Kosovo de facto ended in the second half of 1999, and even though neither USA nor their NATO machinery provided a single evidence of all the thousands, hundreds of thousands and even million dead Albanians, their propaganda continues to repeat the same unfounded accusations as if they were established facts.
Since there’s no such a war in whom only one side gets killed (exept the drone war, but that’s something USA is more competent to speak about, because of their experience in murdering via drones ), I tried to find something about Serbian victims in Kosovo. That moment was a moment of the shocking discovery: Internet with all its Wikipedia etc,  is a bare service for Albanian propaganda exclusively. (Even when there’s no actual victims, the Network will continue to multiply the story, as E. Morozov says: The Internet has made it much more effective and cheaper to spread propaganda.What he missed is that the internet is more eficient in silecing the truth than any Inquisition, verbal delict and lack of freedom of speech.)

After the discovery that there’s ‘no room’ for Serb victims on the Internet I had to search elsewhere. It amazes me how everything can be so covered, pushed under the ashes and burried. There were people killed; someone’s fathers, brothers… someone’s sister was raped and mutilated in a place kalled Klecka. Except some general mention as “there are victims in every war”,  Internet remains almost  mute. While it offers approx. million results about Albanian victims one can see very few results related to Serb victims.  “The silence is so freaking loud.”, it  crossed my mind.
Serbia is a state occupied by those who bombed her and human rights and freedom are guaranteed almost exclusevly to the Western, mostly Soros funded NWO, some of whom openly supported NATO aggression on their own homeland. Despite the atmosphere I managed to get (almost) full volume of documents, collected and even published as a bilingual edition few years ago:  Albanian genocide of the Serbs in the Twenieth century – documents of the Archives of the Diocese of Ras – Prizren and Kosovo – Metohija.  Precise record, both in Serbian and English,an unique chronicle of bestiality, massacres, abused confidence and false regrets the neo Ottoman Caucasian invaders expressed every time they were pressed by evidences –  950 pages of the Albanian monstrous crimes.


The Christian manner of turning the other cheek appeared to be nothing more than a fallacy. Especially when dealing with a nation of Kitman or Al Taqquiah  which is traditional and widely practiced characteristic of the Albanian mentality. How, otherwise, to understand their fanatic support for Ottomans and religios fanaticism exposed when dealing with ,, Shkieh” (abusive title for Serbs only)? They called Hitler ,,dayo” (,,uncle”); Kosovo, Macedonian pits are full of their  WWII victims executed by the Albanian Nazi troops. After the Word War II they manage to became the most ardent and rigid communist nation (the Enver Hodja rule) , and devoted admirers of Stalin? Contradiction?  No, that’s Kitman.
Actually, I’m not surprised concerning their sentiment for Stalin, they had something in common: the bestial hatred for the Orthodox believers and clergy. When Communism stumbled down, they suddenly draped the mantle of democracy seekers, victims (!?), and even original and native inhabitants of Balkan (?!) It was them, the  Caucasian tribes led by the invading Ottomans, they still share the name of their sole and true native land – Caucasian Albania (,  it was them who left over a century of traces of carnage and inhumanity in Balkans, Old Serbia nad Kosovo. The first documented crime is about one century old; meanwhile the latest entry was done in 1991. When I tried to find out about the last 20 years, I ackowledged that the material exists, and silent whisper: ,,For the time being that’s enough” was all I got to satistfy my curiosity.
The material is divided into chapters, and the chapter one is: Albanian Crimes Against Serbs before 1941;  the first massacre and the testimonies of witnesses took place in 1915, in Serbian Orthodox monastery of Saint Mark Koriski, Prizren.
Note that even-numbered pages are written in Serbian and I submit the odd numbered pages,  the English translation.


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