Bosnian SPU : We’ve been raping Sarajevo women, girls and blamed Serbs for it

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SARAJEVO – Former deputy commander of a special unit of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina Zoran Čegar said that during the War the criminals in Sarajevo used to rape and torture women and  girls, and kill them; They would have thrown the corpses on the street , saying that they had been killed by Serbian snipers.


Zoran Cegar, Former deputy commander of  Bosnian SPU

” We’ve got our war criminals . They were killing people throughout Sarajevo, regardless their age or nationality … They killed  those with disabilities . They would have entered any apartment killing whole families in order to seize the  apartment ,” said Čegar , adding that there were some worse crimes than the one in Dobrovoljačka street.

Čegar reiterated that there was a  crime committed in Dobrovoljacka street, and  that he informed the authorities and investigators about it.

“They could say whatever pleases them, but I was the first who arrived on the spot . Killing  a man at close range, spilling his brains in the vehicle – is inconceivable to me … What I saw was a war crime , and I informed the authorities and investigators –  both foreign and domestic –  that this was a war crime , “

The responsible for the crime were those who armed the”hordes”,  but failed to keep them under control.

” The fire started after these armed groups started it!  Was it the ‘Green berets ‘ ( armed force of Izetbegovic) or ‘ Patriotic League , ”  I am not cetrain , but I know that they were neither members of regular Police forces nor regular military units . ”  

Cegar stressed  that those who ought to know already know  who committed the crimes; he believes that the investigation of Dobrovoljačka street massacre will never be launched because of “some poweful interests involved”.

” If anyone in Bosnia cared, it would have been solved  long time ago .”

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