Jews Chetniks: Two Thousand Bulgarian Jews Reported Fighting alongside Chetniks in Serbia; Jews and Chetniks

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In  time of  general and never ending anti-Serbian hysteria and mass historical falsifications that have led to the morbide situations, i.e. descendants of victims  acquit  the executors  and provide them with  general and overall  comprehensive forgiveness  as well as assistance in some new mas murders worldwide,  the old archives are precious guardians of the truth. Finding and publishing old documents, books and newspapers is a  way to preserve the historical truth and to withstand popular abusements  and forgeries.


Two Thousand Bulgarian Jews Reported Fighting with Chetniks in Serbia / “JTA” Jewish News Archive August 9, 1942

Increased anti-Semitism and  restrictions in Bulgaria after the recent warning by the government that all the Jews in the country would be concentrated in two ghettos have resulted in 2,000 Bulgarian Jews fleeing the country to Serbia, where they have joined the Chetnik guerrillas of Gen. Draja Mihailovitch [Draza Mihailovich], it was reliably reported here today.

At present, thousands of Yugoslavian Jews are fighting with the Chetniks and several of the commanders of Mihailovitch’s detachments are Jewish. It has been reported that Jewish newspapers are published by these groups.

Jewish Telegraphic Agency

9 August 1942

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Some more data about  these Jews Chetniks can still be found  in Serbian archives;  For exaple,  Dragutin Brandeis was a Jugoslav Jew. He testified after the War that 17  Jews have been tried by the Communist regime after the War for being Chetniks. His cousin Rudi Klofer, a driver of the Chetnik Duke of Dalmatia Dobrosav Jevdjević, was sentenced to death by Tito’s regime.  But later on, at the request of his brother Rudi’s sentence have been reduced to 20 years in prison. At the time of the emigration of Jews to the newly established state of Israel, Rudi Klofer, like other Jews serving prison sentence, left Yugoslavia and gone to Israel.

According to the archives, the Jews from the very beginning  joined  Chetniks, as an anti-fascist movement . In the first group of 24 officers and non-commissioned officers ( the embryo of the future guerrilla movement ), which  in early May 1941. arrived at Ravna Gora (there was a Chetnik HQ) there  was one Jew  –  Samokovlija Benjamin, born in Bosnia .

poternica za Drazom

German warrant and award for Mihailovich, dead or alive:  100 000 Reichsmarks 

At the beginning of the war, except for the Jews who had previously been associated with the Communist movement, the general attitude among Jewish population  was to join the anti anti-Nazi  movement they first make contact with.  General Mihailovich and the vast majority of his officers and staff  have never  harbored any anti-Semitic feelings . Members of  Mihailovich’s Chetniks have always  considered  Jews the greatest victims of Nazism and therefore  provided them with every possible assistance and support. Jews who fled German, Croatian and Bulgarian persecution were provided with protection and shelter  by Mihajlovich and JVUO (Yugoslav Army in the Fatherland ); many of them joined  their units and fought Nazis. Just mention a few:

Reserve lieutenant Anaf dr.Josif , an econom in Supreme Command (later executed by the Germans in Banjica conc. camp) , Lieutenant Goetz Egon Chief of Nisavski corps staff;  dr.Dajč Ladislav doctor in Rasinski Corps; the personal physician of gen. Draza Mihailovich and also medical clerk was dr.Goldvajn Tibor,  who, together with his wife Anne, had been accomodated in General Headquarters;  dr.Atijas Regina, doctor;  engineer Joseph Schlesinger Willie;  dr. Atlas Djordje , Krišaber Franjo,  Levenberg Oto , Klofer Rudi, who was a  personal driver of the chetnik duke Jevđević , lawyer Mervorak Abraham,  Chamberlain Otto,  Pressburger Dragutin and  many others .
The Jews were  hiding under Serbian pseudonymes sometimes; they joined and supported JVUO (Yugoslav Army in the Fatherland, Chetniks)   in the areas outside Serbia as well.  In a New Year’s greeting card addressed to compatriots in America, among other things was said:  ”…  the Jews who are fighting in the JVUO (Yugoslav Army in the Fatherland,chetniks)  units are sending  greetings to American Jews,  and expressing best wishes for the New Year . We are happy to fight under the command of General Mihailovic against the enemies of the Yugoslav people.  We expect from our brethren in the United States  full support in order to achieve a common goal  – democratic freedoms and punishment for criminals . “

In retaliation for  misdeeds against Jews, Belgrade illegals, the JVUO members ,  in May 1944. assassinated and killed Cvetan Djordjevic, German puppet and deputy Minister of the Interior  for  introduction of anti-Jewish measures.;

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