How Wahhabis from Bosnia and “Sandzak” (Old Ras, Serbia) recruit people to embrace Islam, and to come to Syria

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The group of Muslims from Sandzak (Raska, Serbia) named “Insha’Allah””, is preparing a new arrival to Syria, in fact to Aleppo.

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How Wahhabis  go from Bosnia and ‘Sandzak’ to Syria.
This was writtten by one of the Wahhabists :
Mujahid a weapon is a set of 1,500 to two thousand dollars a Kalashnikov pay
so just take it to buy yourself a Kalashnikov and the time you need, we have a food
First you come in Turkey , and I ‘ll tell you which city , after a car will come, and bring you to me
First you come in Istanbul, So when you get there, you come of Facebook
Is it ok?
Oh, that ‘s easy , it’s not that complicated ..
you’ve got to Islam that you cross as I said
so when you come, because we are fighting here for faith, because it is call of good, a well deter evil
not a problem, i explain everything. When you come, you receive Islam
you have to testify, that Allah is the one and only God, and that Muhammad is the Prophet, and the Jesus is the Prophet, and that is not God
should two Muslims present as witnesses .
Zemat Abu Yahya our unit has more than 20 members from the Sandzak region
a good idea, you buy a rifle
because this would have to wait about 2 to 3 months rifle in Syria
al if you have no money , no problem
you are not the only
because every day new people are coming, there are more rifle, than people
since you a new Muslim, he would have to go of lecture
you would have, to go to lecture 15 days
half of our group in AZAZ and has us
you will not be alone
and we are in Aleppo and you’ll come to us
Right now I’m here because circulating on the territory
just tell approximately when you move ?
and I know you would be here, percent to send one car for you, from Azaz
car moving and you are entering into Azaz
every hour i expect a couple of guys these days, come 4 boys and 3 women
because one is from Bosnia, these from Novi Pazar and Serbia.. I do not know Kragujevac .. means Gaziantep Kilis Azaz you can not miss, I’ll tell you that the car
bro relaxed
we go out and we’re back where we want
and we go buy groceries in Turkey, and we come back hahaha
Bring your passport, but never mind
you’ll have to run a little on the border al is easily
No big deal, it’s the driver who is driving people, he does it for the money, maybe $ 30 you pay and he arranged with the Turks when let go across the border. You’ll pay about $ 30 that man with you, go through the Turkish border, the man who will introduce you to Syria. I, Mirza (Ganic) and another brother are here, and we expect you.
Now when you become Muslim duty of Al Nusra is to protect you. We are all here together working just in different groups. When we win you’ll get a house here and you’ll be a soldier in an Islamic state and your wife can come , my recommendation is to you come here here, fix your flat and then call your wife her to come. My family is here, women although I do not have children, here has many children of our Bosnian brothers.”

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