What state is this?

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As another 28. November approaches, remaining Serbs in Kosovo are more endangered and concerned about their bare existence. Meanwhile Albanians don’t even hide their aspiration  – to create Greater Albania, (officially called:  the Native, or Natural Albania).  It’s amazing that the IC stubbornly turnes the blind eye and doesn’t  pay attention that  ,,Kosovo” Albanians actually never accepted ,,Kosovo” as their state  (de facto an illegal and non functional criminal quasi creation), but rather as a temporary solution, one step closer to the unity of ,,all states and all the lands inhabited by Albanians ” – the Greater Albania.  The first alarming signal was avoiding usage of ,,Kosovo” state symbols (i.e. flag and other insignia) and replacing them with the Albanian ones.


Albanians in Bujanovac, Presevo and Medveđa recognize only the official flag of Albania as theirs, even though they live, make money,  enjoy free healthcare and education in Serbia

Actually, Albanians never abandoned Albanian flag; (and never accepted so called Kosovo flag, except as a mean of deceit served for the Western envoys and their media). Red flag with black eagle is something every Albanian house in Serbia (and Kosovo i Metohija province) owns and sets up on roofs and even in public institutions, without any obstacle;  they’d thrown Serbian flag down and put the Albanian instead). This still happens regularly in Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja, where there is Albanian majority. Every year ethnic Abanians from southern Serbia  mark the Albanian national holiday Flag Day and the  anniversary of the  creation of Albania.  WIthout Kosovo flag, with Albanian flags only. Because there aint’t no nation of ,,Kosovars”. There are only Albanian invaders who, after stealing Serbian land, abuse this toponime in order to gain some legitimity.

Albania zastava

Preparation for celebrations – Albanians in Kosovo use the flag of the state of Albania only

Here’s a shorter quotation from an Albanian daily:

“28 November is a holiday for the whole nation , the day when our red flag with  black double-headed eagle will proudly wave from the land around the towns and villages , streets , squares , monuments and buildings of schools , the doors and windows and balconies;  there’s  a warm smell of freedom in the free parts of our country although this November finds old Albanian aspirations /desire for liberation of all of our lands and the overall national community, not completed”


Flag of so called ,,Kosovo”, abandoned before the ,,state” got UN seat

What bothers our nation (OUR nation? And ,,Kosovars” are not Albanians,  are they not? Or they are?)  is the fact that this holiday is still not sceduled  national holiday in Kosovo . Rowena Stefa is a  singer; in her music she’s is trying to express desire for unity and what concerns her is the is the fact that 28 November was not included as a national holiday in Kosovo .

” It is a political issue and I have an impression that the world has no impact on the inclusion of 28 November as national holiday in Kosovo . Actually , people are eager for it; we still work for the unity ( …)  All the (Albanian)  people,  wherever they are in the world,  want to feel united  on November 28. ”

Rowena will celebrate the Flag day with their fans  in Milan , Italy .

Famous singer Sabri Fejzullahu  says they’will celebrate 28th November in Kosovo . ” While November 28 is not included as a national holiday in the country , we,  Kosovars (Kosovars?!  Why don’t you celebrate Kosovo flag then?) celebrate this holiday too . With the greatest honor to the 28.  of November , Albanians from all countries on this famous historic day show that our national flag is in our hearts now and forever, that it’s  irreplaceable by anything else; it’s  deeply embedded spiritual symbol of all Albanians , whose homeland 101 years ago in the shadow of the flag , declared independence of all ethnic Albanian lands . November 28. is in  hearts  of all Albanians wherever they are . ”

28. November is celebrated feast in the diaspora . Menan Kiseri claims that few years ago celebration of this holiday lasted  for days.  “The event here in Finland began on 23 November , when we had a concert in Helsinki, with nearly 800 ethnic Albanians . And I believe that Kosovo needs more courage to include this day  a national holiday ,”

end quote

For majority of Albanians in Kosovo  28. November is a holiday of  the greatest  importance for another reason:  coincides with the birthday of the notorious  drug dealer and murderer of Serbian children, Adem Jashari.  (Jashari was a sadistic murderer connected to BND; he was killed by Serbian police forces).

Serbia is stabbed by islamic neo ottoman sword directly through spine, but who will be the next to feed the neo Ottoman Albanian beast? Better, who will stop them from further expansion?