Serb From U.S. Announces Legal Action Against FIFA

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After the latest neo Nazi incident, the informal talks among Serbian diaspora circles  about possible lawsuits against FIFA, UEFA and even EU have begun, because of “continuous allowance, or improper sanctioning of acts which glorify Nazism and the Ustasha movement”, as can be seen on some social networks. 

Also most of Serbs are aware that Croatia is under the protection of Germany, and that Germany as a superpower will not allow that Croatia be drastically punished, although Germany, for a similar greeting (“Sieg Heil!”) at i.e. Allianz Arena would probably punish the perpetrators with many years in prison. The lack of public condemnation by the European Union makes individuals think that the EU promotes such behavior.

In order to finally reach justice and  prevent further fascistic accidents, with hope that  everything will not end only in media coverage,  one Serb from the U.S., Ranko Tutulugzdija, sent an open letter to FIFA, in which he announces a lawsuit against them and other organizations.

CRoatian nazi

Fédération Internationale de Football Association FIFA-Strasse 20,P.O. Box 8044 Zurich, Switzerland, Tel : +41-(0)43 222 7777,
Dear FIFA:
My name is Ranko Tutulugdzija.
I am writing you this letter as a thankful American who worked with your organization during the production of my documentary film about an American soccer playercalled, “RISE & SHINE: The Jay DeMerit Story.”
Your organization was so generous and kind to donate to us all footage from the 2010 World Cup in South Africa that we needed to complete the film. Thank you for everything, but I still have to write this letter.
You see, my parents immigrated to the United States from Serbia, actually at the time they left it was communist Yugoslavia. My family found freedom here in America. It is here we were able to have a life free from the death, slavery, persecution that was communist Partizan Yugoslavia. We are here, but my family before me never got the chance to live the way I live… to smile and to live in  liberty the way I do now. They didn’t get that chance  because of the Partizan Yugoslavs and because of Nazi Croatia and the Croatian state. My grandmother, Anka Savic, came from today’s Croatia, and that is why I am writing you this letter.
 Yesterday, the Croatian national team, led by Josip Simunic, together with the entire Croatian stadium chanted a Nazi chant, “ZA  DOM SPREMNI.”  Imagine… in today’s world, Hitler and Nazi Croatia being glorified on center stage   –  in front of the world. Maybe you don’t know because nobody cares about the Serbian dead, but allow me to try express what the Serbian people went through in Croatia during the Second World War, please let the historical data speak:
“Increased activity of the bands [of rebels] is chiefly due to atrocities carried out by Ustaše units in Croatia against the Orthodox population. The Ustaše committed their deeds in a bestial manner not only against males of conscript age, but especially against helpless old people, women and children. The number of the Orthodox that the Croats have massacred and sadistically tortured to death is about three hundred thousand.
– Gestapo report to Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler, dated 17 February 1942, statedthat:  
2.”The Orthodox recipe of Ante Pavelic, Ustashi leader and Croatian Fuehrer,reminds one of the religious wars in [their] bloodiest aspects: one-third must become Catholic, one-third must leave the country and one-third must die. The last item was executed. When the leading men of the Ustashi movement are stating that they have slaughtered one million Serbs (including infants,children, women and aged) this in my opinion is a self-praising exaggeration.According to the reports that have reached me, my estimate is that the number of those defenseless slaughtered is some three-quarters of a million.[750,000]” [End quote.]
– Herman Naubacher, “Sonderauftrag Sudosten 1940-1945. Bericht eines fliegendenDiplomate,” Gottingen, 1956, 31. Mr. Naubacher was Hitler’s personal assistant forSoutheastern Europe and Balkan affairs.
 3.”The greatest genocide during World War II, in proportion to a nation’s population, took place, not in Nazi Germany but in the Nazi-created puppet state of Croatia. There, in the years 1941-1945, some 750,000 Serbs, 60,000Jews and 26,000 Gypsies – men, women and children – perished in a giganticholocaust. These are the figures used by most foreign authors, especiallyGermans, who were in the best position to know…”…The magnitude and the bestial nature of these atrocities makes it difficult to believe that such a thing could have happened in an allegedly civilized part of the world. Yet even a book such as this can attempt to tell only a part of the story.” [End quote]
– Professor Edmond Paris, ‘Genocide in Satellite Croatia, 1941- 1945,’ November,1961, The American Institute for Balkan Affairs, from the introduction.
Infants, children… women… can you even begin to imagine? Can you, tell me? Can you imagine my pain, our pain? Do you need more scientific data to empathize? Three, only three little quotes that tell the story of my grandmother, my family’s suffering and all suffering of Christian Serbs in Nazi Croatia, and the suffering continues even to this day. I get it the world doesn’t care. For most  a Serbian life doesn’t mean much. European countries can hate Serbia and the Serbian people all they want, but today your submission, silence and continued appeasement of Croatian soccer’s Nazi tributes, salutes, and glorification ends. 
As much as your organization helped me, as much as I appreciate your kindness towards us and everything you did for us regarding the documentary film, as much as I love the way you work, and as much as I love soccer   –  it is ENOUGH. I will no longer sit by while your organization (and UEFA) let Croatians do what Josip Simunic did last night, or continue to chant “KILL THE SERB” every time there is an international match taking place in Zagreb. I, myself, will no longer allow your body to stay silent while 50,000 Croatians chant “SIEG HEIL” in Croatian  (ZA DOM SPREMNI), and salute the Nazi way in FRONT of the whole world. It ends now.
I will use all my resources, and I am announcing that I will do my best to prepare all legal action against FIFA or any other international body that continues supporting Croatian Nazi chants, salutes, their sick Nazi love, the records of threats to kill Serbs, the relentless dense racism against the Serbian people, public hate speech from the Croatian soccer executives, the Croatian National soccer team, governing body, players and fans. Remember and know all of this Croatian Nazi love is not new. Rather, it is acollective pattern throughout Croatian society and always has been this way since their defeat in WorldWar II. Can you believe that a player with 105 caps for the Croatian soccer team, a role model for young Croatian children, a legend in Croatian soccer history, not only salutes Hitler and Nazi Croatia in front of the world, he then in the media defends it all. This is who you allow to be a role model for the next generation of soccer players around the world?
Why haven’t you, FIFA, ever reacted? Why haven’t you, FIFA, done anything to STOP the pain and hurtthe never ending Croatian soccer love affair with Nazi Croatia and Hitler causes? WHY? Please, I want an answer, tell me why? Too late. Now your silence and passive support of the close to 1 million children, women, and Serbian people who had their throats slit, their eyes and tongues cut out, who were raped, buried alive, hung on trees, burnt alive, starved to death, put in concentration camps, humiliated, violated, desecrated,murdered, persecuted, oppressed, totally ruined by the official state of Croatia and the Croatian people..
 IT STOPS HERE. No more FIFA. You will no longer stay silent. The Croatian National team body, players, coaches, fans and the Croatian state’s love for their Nazi past will be fought against. I will fight it legally, one youngman and I will gain support to expose why you continue to allow this to happen, and I will not stop. I will work tirelessly to end Croatia’s relentless lust for death and Nazism, and your passive recognitionand support for their Nazi lust.The Serbian people have suffered too much in Nazi Croatia during World War II and present day Croatia, I don’t have to standby and stay quiet and endure anymore suffering. Croatians and their Nazi identity have come this far, they will come no further. Where is the justice for my family? Who will speak on their behalf? Their suffering was so inhumane that we don’t even know where to begin to look for their remains, or know exactly what happened to them. They are just gone. Totally gone. No trace, no burial… now please tell me what if that was your family? How would you feel? How would you feel if in front of the entire world your family’s suffering was repeatedly mocked? Do you know that to do this very day not one Croatian leader, politician, not one institution, no official body or person representing the state of Croatia has apologized for any of their Croatia’s blood soaked past? NO ONE from Croatia has apologized to Serbia or the Serbian people, to me, for their official Nazistate operations or their
nation’s Nazi history. Not one. No apology to this day, and yet you watch insilence as these Croatians glorify my grandmother’s fa
mily suffering and total erasure from existence  –  on the world stage?Nazi Croatians killed my family. Croatia as a nation murdered my Serbian heritage, they cut, theyhacked, they burned, they raped, they cowardly killed little Serbian children, they buried, they enslaved,they did all this, they still are full of hate, racism and prejudice, and you stand passively while they chant at games “KILL THE SERB.” What if they shouted “KILL THE SWISS,” or “KILL THE JEW,”   or “KILL THE MUSLIM,” would you react then? Of course you would, because we Serbs are dogs right?  

 Well, NO MORE. I hold you directly responsible for the glorification of Nazi Croatia for all the world to witness last night, because you could have stopped it countless times in the past  –  but you never did. No More. I have had enough of the hate for Serbia and for the Serbian people. Anyone can hate us all they want, but they will keep it to themself, and learn once and for all no one will never take away our right to live and exist.No More. Never again will the memories of my dead family, of my dead grandmother, who I never got to meet, whose land was taken from them and gone just like that  –  no memory, no photos, no nothing  –  never again will their memories be desecrated the way they were last night in front of global media.No More.I thank you again for everything you did regarding my film, but even though my God  –  Jesus Christ teaches me to “LOVE MY ENEMY,” I am just a man and can only take so much sorrow.
I cannot bare the pain anymore. With regret I write this to an awesome organization, which has personally helped me in so many ways and who has helped soccer in my country grow and develop, still enough is enough.No more.Enough.
Ranko Tutulugdzija
Message to the Croatian President Ivo Jospiovic : 
 not you, nor anyone before you has ever repented and asked forgiveness from me and all the millions of Serbian people, the Serbian nation your Croatia has raped and ruined. That makes you a coward just like your Nazi Croatian forefathers were…
 just like your Ante Pavelic who fled like the coward that he was, just like your General Gotovina who attacked half a million Christian Serbian farmers and families and forced them from their homes, how brave your general is to attack the poor and weak –   COWARD…
  just like your coward Father of Croatia Franjo Tudman who after all those farmers and families were left their homes and land with nothing, spoke these words, “So it is as if they have never lived here…They didn’t even have time to take with them their filthy money or their filthy underwear!”llect their rotten money and dirty underwear,” who talks like this? Only COWARDS…
COWARDS, which is what you are, which is who you are –  and below is my message to you and all of your Croatia : 

You have killed enough of us, you have raped enough of us, you have decimated enough of us, and what do you have left? Celebrating exiling 100,00’s of poor Serbian farmers and Christian families? This is your humiliation, this is your curse… your  people’s glorification of your Nazi Croatian state shows your separation from the Truth, it is your own defeat – and you will NO LONGER get away with it.
To the Serbian nation, to the Serbian people… enough is enough: 
 stand up for your right to live and exist, do it legally and peacefully. Write letters,write emails, make documentaries, write books, write blogs, post pictures, it will change everything… use your voice, no one will ever care unless you speak and tell the story of your suffering. They will continue to abuse you, they will continue to hate you, they will continue to glorify their murdering of your children and people, they will keep doing all of this until you use your voice and rise up with your words to stop it.Rise up by the law and take back your history, your suffering, and your right to exist… untold butchered Serbian children, unlimited raped and desecrated Serbian women, the neverending names of Serbian people and soldiers who were tortured, gutted, decapitated, murdered, 500 years of slavery, 50 years of communist perversion, invasion after invasion, all the lies and deceit… it is up to you to take it back and speak for them all. Rise up and speak, speak Serbia speak…one by one tell your story, it is time… enough is enough. 
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