U.S. offers full EU membership, “Nobel” peace prize to Albania for Syrian chemical weapons host

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There has been lot of noise about Syrian chemical weapons and Albanian rejection to host it. The story isn’t over yet.

 Albania chem

Knowing that everything in the world has its price;  the ,World’s greatest democracy  amended their offer.   The U.S. has offered a package of five important advantages  in case Albania agrees to host  Syrian chemical weapons.  Here’s what the package consists of:

1. Grant to EU candidate status in December

2. Assistance in the full accession to the EU within the first term of the present Albanian government

3. Financial Support as three times higher as the budget of Albania (Albanian budget in 2012. was about 4 billion USD)

4.Special status to Albania in internal relations; that shall include removal of visa requirements for Albanian citizens;

5. “Nobel”  peace prize nomination

Nobel prize has lost all the credibility; same as EU membership and other ,,advantages”, for they’re an obvious sign of disgrace and dishonor.


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