The Mujahedeen Watch – Cossacks in the Republic of Srpska

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Cossacks are closely monitoring the situation in Bosnia, a state populated by 50,000 mujahedeens, so the cossacks are ready to help Serbian people in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


 Cossack colonel Vojislav Vidakovic says that  Cossack structure is to be established in ‘some Serbian towns’. He explained that the Central Cossack army came to Republica Srpska after establishment of their centers in Montenegro and Serbia and that they are convinced that they will find  proper response and cooperation in Srpska as well.

The colonel specifies that the formation of these structures doesn’t  imply  any establishment of  Cossack army in the territory of Republic of Srpska , although , as he said , the Cossacks as ” the soldiers of Christ ” ,  are always ready to help the Serbian people.

” It’s just a branch of the central Cossack army , whose Ataman is Russian President Vladimir Putin in person . Cossacks as ‘ soldiers of Christ ‘  will respond to force with equal force, but will never respond to evil with evil ,” says Vidakovic .

He added that the Cossacks were formed to spread harmony, ” because God made ​​a harmonious world, but that it our common genetic , Serbian and Cossack, that says – never to rob others , and to guard what’s ours .”

That is why , said Vidakovic, Cossacks closely monitor the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina because it’s populated by 50,000 mujahedins , and they are ready in every sense to help  Serbian people there. He states that, despite various distorted interpretations, Russia is  a great friend of the Serbian people and that Serbs should know that Moscow will always be with them.

” In the geopolitical sense, things have changed a bit . Russia has become the guarantor of peace in the world , not the one who causes harm. We , the Cossacks , are guarantors of peace and not of war , “said Vidakovic , underlining that  Serbs from Herzegovina and Montenegro  who fled from Turks found their shelter in  Orthodox Russia and many of them later joined the Cossack army;  Russian Cossacks later came to help the Serbian people in their  struggle against Turks.

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