The anniversary of the Croatian shelling of Šid November 5, 1991 – November 5, 2013.)

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The victims that justice is not required for –

Local organizations and Veterans have laid wreaths at the memorial plaque to the people of Šid, northern Serbia, that have been killed by the Croatian paramilitaries on 5. November 1991.

bombardovanje Sid

On November 5, 1991, shells came from direction of the Njemci village, and the savage attack surprised the inhabitants of Šid.  The shells were falling from the Western part of the city to the East and South. They were flying over houses and residential buildings, causing panic, blood and injures; the ambulance could not reach all those who needed it . In the Southern part of the city the Agricultural complex was hit, and Djordje Manojlovic, Miroslav Šerfezi and Slobodan Mihaljevic have been killed.  Shelling from the Croatian side didn’t spare the kindergarten ” Jelica Stanivuković Šilja” . Director of the kindergarten Jasmina Varga said that the fragments fell around the kindergarten  and hit the children’s dining room and the roof soon collapsed.  Luckily the children were not in the building.

Šid was shelled on several occasions , and these crimes should never be forgoten. Veteran organization SUBNOR as the holder of the anniversary , unveiled  plate with the names of killed civilians of Šid.  . The perpetrators of this crime have not yet been discovered , although we know the date and time of the shelling , and the place where the fire came from. .

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