Today marks 21 Year of the Medak ‘pocket’ massacre – ANOTHER CRIME WITHOUT PUNISHMENT

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Today marks 21 year since the aggression of the Croatian army in the Medak Pocket , when 88 Serbs have been killed including women and children . Croatia subsequently handed over 52  bodies to Serbian side,  while destiny of those wounded and captured remains unknown  and that  clearly indicates that there was a systematic killing of captured and wounded,  –  Documentation and Information Center  “Veritas ” releases.

Medački džep .

United Nations in the Medak pocket: unable to accomplish their proclaimed mission

” Veritas ” reminds that the UNPROFOR general –  under whose protection was the Serbian population –  Jean Cotte  was shocked by what he found after eight days long battle;  he put in the report  that the villages he was passing through were without a single trace of living  persons or animals and that “the destruction was complete, systematic and deliberate .”


Written testimony: In 1993, Canadian peacekeepers in Croatia were plunged into the most significant fighting Canada had seen since the Korean War. Their extraordinary heroism was covered up and forgotten. The ghosts of that battlefield have haunted them ever since. 
Canadian peacekeepers in Medak Pocket, Croatia, found no peace to keep in September 1993. They engaged the forces of ethnic cleansing in a deadly firefight and drove them from the area under United Nations protection. The soldiers should have returned home as heroes. Instead, they arrived under a cloud of suspicion and silence.  
In Medak Pocket, members of the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry did exactly the job they were trained — and ordered — to do. When attacked by the Croat army they returned fire and fought back valiantly to protect Serbian civilians and to save the UN mandate in Croatia. Then they confronted the horrors of the offensive’s aftermath — the annihilation by the Croat army of Serbian villages. The Canadians searched for survivors. There were none.  
The soldiers came home haunted by these atrocities, but in the wake of the Somalia affair, Canada had no time for soldiers’ stories of the horrific compromises of battle — the peacekeepers were silenced. In time, the dark secrets of Medak’s horrors drove many of these soldiers to despair, to homelessness and even suicide.
Award-winning journalist Carol Off brings to life this decisive battle of the Canadian Forces. The Ghosts of Medak Pocket is the complete and untold story. ) 

Nonetheless allegations of ” Veritas ,” UN Commission of Experts on 28 December 1994. prepared the report concerning the consequences of the ” Medak Pocket” with the most unprofessional and  most shameful suggestion that no one is to be convicted of murder, torture mutilation or other crimes during the operation , because ”no one had ever been  identified as responsible for these crimes .”

The Hague Prosecution filed  indictment for those crimes  against Croatian generals Rahim Ademi (Kosovo Albanian) , Janko Bobetko and Mirko Norac , while investigation against General Peter Stipetić  had been suspended.

Bobetko died in 2003 without an sentence.

The  trial ” Ademi – Norac ”  was handed over to Croatian jurisdiction . Croatia charged them with murder of 28 civilians and five soldiers , and for destruction of 300 different premises ,  killing of  livestock and poisoning wells. And that’s where all stops, since the public perception is that they’re heroes. 


Krajina Serb massacred by Croats in Medak pocket: remains of Pavilca Dragan.  One Canadian officer, the witness states:  ,,I know many of these guys that were there.  What they saw were innocent young children, old women and men, and others, that were raped and tortured and executed in the most SADISTIC of ways. That general and most of his troops should be locked up. It takes a troop with a very sadistic view to carry out the thigs that they did. This was not simply warfare or defending their country. This was the lowest possible level of the human soul in action.”

During the 2009. hearing, the testimonies that had been heard described what happened in Medak pocket and crimes  committed by Croatian forces that were beyond imagination of the most perverse minds / the people who were gutted , impaled on a stake and women burning alive;  other shocking footage had been shown – those of  mutilated corpses lined up completely nude  in a series of one to 51, and other.


Monsters: Croatian troops after they massacredthe Medak pocket Serbs

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