Three “Serb-centric” letters published in Canada’s Globe and Mail – all of them Against War in Syria

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The Globe and Mail is Canada’s biggest national newspaper at 1m readers a week. (Only the Toronto Star has a larger daily circulation.) Today two reader letters were published cautioning against the threat of a Western military intervention in Syria and both are from Serbian standpoints: 


the globe and mail

Here we go again. An atrocity is rashly and prematurely blamed on a sovereign government, forming the pretext for a “humanitarian” intervention, violating international law, so the West can illegally and one-sidedly intervene in a civil war to replace the “rogue” government with a more “Western-friendly” one. Do Western leaders honestly think we are this naive?
Michael Pravica, Henderson, Nev.

Michael also notes that the paper’s letters editors removed his comparisons of the Syrian chemical attack with the images of the Račak “massacre” which at the time were used at justification for the NATO war against Serbia in 1999. Subsequently a forensic report was leaked which discredited the “evidence” (implying the incident was staged) but by them the war machine had started against Serbia.

Here is Ambassador Bissett’s letter:

They go on to argue that the bombing of Serbia in 1999 is the model to be followed for resolving the Syrian dilemma. Yet NATO’s unilateral intervention in Serbia was done in clear violation of the UN Charter and a violation of international law. It is now clear that intervention had little to do with humanitarian concerns and everything to do with giving NATO a reason to exist.

The use of R2P requires UN Security Council agreement before military intervention can be authorized. Mr. Axworthy and Mr. Rock dismiss this requirement by suggesting that UN member states “did not intend” that urgent humanitarian responses be held hostage to vetoes by a member of the Security Council. But, of course, this is precisely what the UN’s founders did want, otherwise there would not have been a UN.

James Bissett, Ottawa, former Canadian ambassador to Yugoslavia

The Ambassador has been a brave voice providing balance to the West’s one-sided version of  events during the disastrous break-up of Yugoslavia in the 1990s.

UPDATE: On the eve of the government’s failed Commons vote on use of force in principal in Syria, Britić received a letter from Edward Spalton. Edward is an outspoken critic lamenting the erosion of Britain’s sovereign powers to Brussels:

NATO used to be a purely defensive alliance.  In a recent Radio 4 interview, Lord Tebbit paid a heartfelt tribute to Clement Attlee and Ernest Bevin, the Labour Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary who helped to establish the alliance, thus securing Western Europe from Soviet Communist domination.

Tony Blair and Bill Clinton brought about a malign metamorphosis.  They changed NATO into an aggressive power, attacking countries as they and their successors saw fit , on the pretext of “humanitarian intervention” – Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya.

The first victim country was Yugoslavia but the first real victim was the truth. Peter Mandelson and Alastair Campbell were sent to Brussels to mastermind the propaganda campaign.

The first Big Lie was that some 10,000 young Albanian Muslim men had disappeared into Serb concentration camps. It was a total fiction.

But there were  smaller convincing lies, told with the aid of staged TV pictures at psychologically important moments – of massacres which never occurred. There was fighting by this time and there were bodies. So Western intelligence agencies encouraged the the Albanians to collect them and arrange them to look like the victims of mass executions.

This happened at least twice – once  in Racak where a high-ranking CIA man was in the area – a case which was  proved as fraud by a Finnish forensic team after the war.  These pictures were used to inflame Western opinion at the start of the war.

It was done on at least one other occasion at Rugovo on 29 January 1999 with the help of  German  intelligence forces. The staged photographs were used by the German Foreign Office Minister , Rudolf Scharping himself,  to convince the German people of the need to go to war.  This was the subject of a German TV programme in January 2012. Scharping declined to comment.

The Muslim forces in Bosnia, realising how well such pictures attracted Western sympathy, took the game to a new level. They actually inflicted grievous casualties on their own people, queuing in a market place in Sarajevo.  It made great TV. They claimed it was a Serb mortar but the UN authorities later confirmed that it was a bomb which had been set for the purpose. This is a technique which could be termed “massacre marketing”.

Three months ago Carla Del Ponte, a UN official who was a  War Crimes Prosecutor in Yugoslavia, testified that there was evidence of chemical weapons in the hands of rebel forces in Syria and that they had used them.

With such a track record of manipulative untruths in the service of aggression  – such as Tony Blair’s about Saddam Hussein’s “Weapons of Mass Desruction”, there is no reason to believe any NATO statement in such a matter. Even our MPs must now know that.  It is sad that NATO,  a once honourable, trusted  and extremely effective defence alliance, has turned into such an evil institution, of which our government is a willing part. Now nobody believes them either. Yet many more people will die, if they have their way . Some of them may be our own service men.




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