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Skandalozan istorijski falsifikat sa Kembridža – Srbi krivci za I svetski rat a imali su sva prava u Austrougarskoj monarhiji

September 15, 2013 by


Kako se približavamo stogodišnjici izbijanja Prvog svetskog rata svaljivanje krivice za njegovo izbijanje na Srbe sve je glasnije, i začuđujuće je da dolazi sa svih strana, tako da sada imamo tadašnje neprijatelje, Britaniju i Nemačku, kako združeno prepravljaju istoriju, podešavaju i šteluju činjenice kako im ne bi ništa narušilo (trenutnu interesno – geopolitičku)  idilu, dok […]

Today marks 21 Year of the Medak ‘pocket’ massacre – ANOTHER CRIME WITHOUT PUNISHMENT

September 9, 2013 by


Today marks 21 year since the aggression of the Croatian army in the Medak Pocket , when 88 Serbs have been killed including women and children . Croatia subsequently handed over 52  bodies to Serbian side,  while destiny of those wounded and captured remains unknown  and that  clearly indicates that there was a systematic killing […]

The Truth About Depleted Uranium

September 8, 2013 by


The following article appeared in  the Independent / UK, on Monday, January 8, 2001 . and it was written by Robert Frisk. Surprisingly it ‘leaked out’ through the rigid Independent’s censorship:  Just fourteen months ago, on a bleak, frosty afternoon, I stopped my car beside an old Ottoman bridge in southern Kosovo. It was here, scarcely half a year […]

Hollywood war machinery strikes again: American Filmmaker Returns from Syrian Civil War, Tells Story

September 7, 2013 by


Hollywood got  themselves some new ‘bad’ guys, surprisingly non Serbs. Though the movie industry’s means and  whole process is familiar and already  seen in the case of  two decades long anti Serb hysteria. This time Serbs are to be spared; the latest enemy of Pentagon and EU is Syria and president Bashar el Assad with […]

Chemical/Nuclear Warfare against Serbs: Bosnia and Kosovo : Eyewitness To Hell

September 5, 2013 by


Consequences of the Use of Chemical, Nuclear and Biological Agents by NATO forces against Residents of Republika Srpska, 1995-1997:  While the Pentagon stonewalls, insisting simultaneously that Depleted Uranium (DU) isn’t what is killing NATO troops in Kosovo and that they warned European leaders it was deadly, the European officials (led by the Italians) are jumping […]

Violent Bosnian with string of convictions can’t be deported because it would violate his human rights

September 2, 2013 by


Sanel Sahbaz, 30, came to Britain as a child in 1993.  Since 2005 he has committed offences of theft, common assault, handling of stolen goods and assaulting a police officer, but lawyers argue that sending him home would separate him from his parents and brother and would breach his rights. A foreign criminal jailed for […]

Serbs From Croatia Support SPC Initiative To Place Tesla’s Urn In The Temple Of St. Sava

September 2, 2013 by


BELGRADE – The Association of Serbs from Croatia and the Association of Refugees and other Serbian associations from Croatia on Sunday lent their supported to the initiative by the Serbian Orthodox Church to take the urn of Nikola Tesla from the Museum of this famous scientist in Belgrade and place it  in the crypt of the […]