Direktiven fiir das Verhalten gegeniiber das Bevolkerung in Serbien.” (Orders for behaviour towards the Population in Serbia, by the 9th Austrian Corpskomando, August, 1914.

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Mass murder of Serbs in Macva

The following are extracts from " Direktiven fiir das Verhalten gegeniiber das Bevolkerung in Serbien." (Orders for behaviour towards the Population in Serbia.) Issued by the 9th Austrian Corpskomando in August, 1914. http://www.archive.org/stream/serbiascupofsorr00serb/serbiascupofsorr00serb_djvu.txt
Here in its stark simplicity is laid bare the origin of some of the horrors that Serbia has had to endure. 
No other nation in the welter of the world-war,  great or small, has endured so much as Serbia, and yet the proud soul of this little people without a country rides triumphant above her sorrows.  
War, Famine, Disease — the tragic triumvirate has stalked through Serbia and laid heavy hands on its people for over three years. To-day the remnants of the Serbian people number only two- thirds of the pre-war population.

These were official orders for Austro Hungarian invading army in 1914. which they obeyed (see: Report Upon The Atrocities Committed By The Austro-Hungarian Army During The First Invasion Of Serbia, available in Serbian here  http://www.scribd.com/doc/152471421/Dr-Rudolf-Ar%C4%8Dibald-Rajs-Austrougarska-zverstva-u-Srbiji

Towards such a population all humanity and softness is highly out of place, indeed positively detrimental ….

” / therefore order that during the whole operation the greatest severity, the greatest harshness, and the greatest distrust is to prevail towards everyone

/’ ^^ Armed Serbs without uniform arc simply to he shot down, and anyone who on this case shows mercy will be punished most severely.” “

/;; villages- hostages to be taken ; every house where weapons arc found to be destroyed ; and if its occupants are not to be found, the next best inhabitants must supply information, and if they refuse this with obvious intention, are to be hanged. “

Everyone who is met outside their village, especially in woods, is to be looked on as nothing else save komitadjis wJw have hidden their weapons somewhere ; such people if they seem to be in any way suspicious are to be shot down.”

Serbian-women (1)

Serbian Women were not spared

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Once on Serbian soil, the Austro Hungarian troops, whose manpower consisted mostly of Croats and Bosnian Muslims, had no mercy.


Austro Hungarian press: Serbia has to be destroyed