Holy War: dead Bosnian Muslims laugh and call for jihad in the middle of Serbia

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The Bosnian Muslim  website Sandzak Press published more than a dozen photos of their martyrs who were killed  while fighting against  Syrian president Assad. The editor put the headline “See the smiles of the martyrs in Syria,”

The extremely disturbing photgraphs released by the ‘Sandžak’ (South Western Serbia, Raska)   are followed by comments: “He doesn’t  seem dead” And:  “The most beautiful seheed smiles!”


The images were, nevertheless, taken from the website Put vjernika ( The way of the Faithful ) whose central subject is Jihad. According to  belief, he who dies for Allah, goes to jannah (paradise), where 77 virgins are waiting for him.

According to Adam Zilkić, Reis-ul-Ulema of the Islamic Community of Serbia, exposing such images must be condemned, but he is sure  that these images couldn’t  provoke Muslims in Novi Pazar to start Jihad and turmoil .

– These pictures have sent a nasty and negative message,  In a year that was very difficult for Muslims around the world to show such images can only cause anger, but I do not believe that this could lead to jihad and rebellion in Serbia – say Zilkić.

Publishing gruesome images is condemned by Aida Ćorović, the head of the Ngo ‘Urban In’ from Novi Pazar.

-I believe that anyone who gloryfies  death, especially the violent one, and especially if  a young man’s life was over, has some  serious mental problems and I dare to say that such a person (or persons) may be characterized as psychopaths. There’s no that great and noble cause  to justify taking of human life, even in this case –  Ćorović said.

Holy War: The dead sons of Allah laugh and call for jihad in the middle of Serbia!

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