20 August 1992: war crime against Serbian people on Trovrh committed

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Novo Gorazde – On  21 anniversary of the crimes committed by  Bosnian Muslim forces on Trovrh, Gorazde when they brutally killed Serbian guards at the former broadcasting repeater Trovrh,  the  memorial was unveiled and memorial service held  by local priest Novica Ćebić.


Trovrh, the memorial

Momo Lorić, chairman of the Veteran organization said that immediately after the capture horrible torture of  the eight Serbian guards started;  that was a crime against the laws and customs of war.
-Atrocious suffering of the Serbian heroes started at capture, 20 August, 1992. First they (Bosnian Muslims) kept them enchained  in the silo, where they killed Rato Klačar; others were transferred to the conc. camp for Serbs, located at the MUP (Police)  building in Gorazde. After several days of additional torture and starvation, the dying Serbs  were taken to Ladjeva stijena  under Kopac  and thrown into the river.

All the possible  doubts and uncertainties  about  destiny of the captured, tortured and guessing concerning the bestial throwing  into the river has been silenced during 2011.  after the bones of two Serbian martyrs from Trovrh: Tijosav Radovic and Budimir Todorovic have been found at the bottom of the lake Perucac.

There’s a rational suspicion that a mass grave for the remaining 92 Serbs from Gorazde lies in the depths of the  Drina  lakes.

It was stresses that the Bosnian Muslim officials keep on obstructing search for the remains of the killed; the family of Budimir Todorovic, retrieving his remains from Visoko, has experienced great humiliation and pain after he Ministry of Interior at Gorazde issued documents that say  all Serbian guards “were killed in fighting around Trovrh “!

– Just a little hope and comfort that is against the perpetrators of these atrocious crimes were prosecuted. We hope that justice will win and the criminals get their just deserts, Lorić said in his address to the Trovrh.

The marble plaque bears names of the captured and slain engraved, in order to keep the memory on their sacrifice for future generation:

Bosko Lasica and his son Djoko,

Ratomir Klačar,

Njegosh Ceha,

Kojo Vukovic,

Budimir and Branislav Todorovic and

Tijoslav and Radisav Radovic,

Miodrag Gojkovic,

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