From August 10th to mid October marks 73. anniversary of German and NDH – Independent State of Croatia – crimes in Belgrade (Banjica, Sajmiste) and throughout Serbia

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By commemorative gathering and laying of wreaths and flowers at the Monument to hanged patriots at Terazije, Belgrade marks 73 anniversary of the crimes against civilians committed by the German occupying forces.


17. August 1941, hanged Serbian patriot 

Period of the Second World War is remembered as time of  mass crimes against the civilian population, and series of tragic events that took place in the then occupied Serbia.  As one of the most brutal  stands out the crime in Belgrade’s main square Terazije from  17. August in 1941.

Serbian partisans Zarkovo village

Serbian partisans in Zarkovo, near Belgrade

On that day, the German occupying  authorities publicly hanged to lighting poles five Serbs, suspect to be members of the Serbian resistance. In the memory of five citizens tragically killed on 17.  August, in Terazije,  the City unveiled a memorial in 1983. The Monument to the hanged patriots,  work of the academic sculptor Nikola Jankovic , was placed on a marble pedestal: its height is 400 centimeters, a diameter 80 centimeters, while the relief shows the execution of  five patriots.


The memorial plaque, Terazije square, Belgrade

The plaque with the following epitaph was set near the monument;  ”To freedom fighters the occupying fascist hung in Terazije on 17 August 1941:

Jelena Jankovic,  worker,

Ratko Jevic, farmer,

Velimir Jovanovic, farmer,

Svetislav Milin, worker,

Milorad Pokrajac, student.

in 1983. citizens of Belgrade. “


Nine Serbian resistance members shot by Germans, Belgrade, 1941. Yugoslav archive, no 15242

Nazi Germany, ( together with the Independent State of  Croatia, their puppet state, who occupied the whole of Serbian Srem  and Zemun, great part of modern Belgrade as well)  established  several concentration camps for Serbs, Jews and Roma/ Gypsyes.
mapa NDH

Independent State of Croatia map (1941 -1945)

These camps were:  Staro sajmište  (about 48 000 people were killed),  Banjica (about 40 000 Serbs were killed);  Germans left their trace as the mass grave in Jajinci ( where 62 184 Serbs, 13 862 Jews and 5000 Roma were killed ).


Germans in Belgrade, Jajinci 

From  the Gestapo building in today’s Nikola Pasic Square and Glavnjaca,  thousands Serbs have never returned; meanwhile  the Germans and Croats regularly hanged Serbs in Terazije.


The  scaffold in  Jajinci; Germans taking Serbs to  execution 

Also when  Germans bombed Belgrade (April 1941.) they killed about 1000 persons;  At least 2 300 people were killed by the U.S. bombs in 1944.


They left only death behind … – Germans leaving after mass execution in Jajinci

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