Decade of unpunished crime in Gorazdevac

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Tuesday marks 10 years as of the crime in Gorazdevac, near Pec, Kosovo-Metohija, when two Serb boys were shot dead and four other children wounded.

40300527750282d7b13fd9599013253_orig   The innocent children were ambushed and sprayed with bullets on August 13, 2003 while they were bathing in the Bistrica River.

The attack claimed the lives of Ivan Jovovic, 19, and Pantelija Dakic, 12, while Djordje Ugrenovic, 20, Bogdan Bukumiric, 14, Marko Bogicevic, 12, and Dragana Srbljak, 13, were seriously injured.

Representatives of the UNMIK police stated back then that they will turn every stone to find the killers but, as in many other cases of war crimes against Serbs in Kosovo-Metohija, the investigation did not move from the starting point.

85500_gorazdevac1_f The Gorazdevac murders were at the time condemned by heads of UNMIK and KFOR, and representatives of the EU, the U.S., France and Russia, as well as the Kosovo officials, while the former State Union of Serbia and Montenegro called for a session of the UN Security Council.

Early in 2011, EULEX spokesperson Irina Gudeljevic said that EULEX inherited the Gorazdevac case from UNMIK, together with a pretty messy file, and kept calling on anyone who may have any information or evidence related to the crime to come forth and report to EULEX.

gorazdevac pantelija ivan EULEX police investigators and prosecutor’s office re-examined all available witnesses, and many of them did not wish to testify, Gudeljevic said and added that all the information has been analyzed again but to no result, and EULEX prosecutor decided to close the investigation.

Gudeljevic said that every officially closed investigation can be re-initiated if new information comes up that could propel the proceedings forward.