Memorial service for massacred Serbs thrown into the Klecka pit was served

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At the foot of Klek mountain in Ogulin,  Croatia, memorial service was held  for  453 victims of Croatian terror; they were massacred and thrown into the Klecka pit during spring 1941.

The commemoration  was organized by Serbian national minority Council in Ogulin and Serbian Orthodox Parish. It has been attended by some 40 persons, ,including the deputy of Karlovac county Sinisa Ljubojević, local authorities of Ogulin and Krnjak , and Plaski municipality and the chairman of the Banja Luka Association “Jadovno 1941.” Dusan Bastasic.

Ogulin klecka

Klecka pit near Ogulin, contains remains of numerous Krajina and Herzegovina Serbs, killed by Croatian and Muslim Ustasas

During the memorial service priest Milos Orelj  said that in the name of religion  people  can turn into  bloodthirsty wolves;  ”those  bones in the pit are the remains of the people whose only crime was that they were Orthodox.”

The association “Jadovno 1941.” brings together the descendants of the victims of the Croatian  terror camp complex Gospic-Jadovno-Pag,  and it has developed  into an association that deals with all the victims of the notorious camps throughout Independent state of Croatia (NDH)  and that they gathered at the Kleka mt foot because  every Serb, wherever they live, should have known where his ancestors  were killed.


“Not only Serbs, but all the people of the world need to know that there is such a terrible place, it exists, so that will make them able to recognize when such a monstrous idea that could lead to such atrocities, appears,” said Bastašić.

In the name of ‘brotherhood and unity’ in the former system, these atrocities were pushed under  carpet.  and “If  we, the descendants, have learned about these crimes, perhaps  they would never happen again.”

“If  Croatia restores 3,000 anti-fascist monuments destroyed since 1991.  as the  Croatian president promised in Jadovno,  maybe we could  consider it as settling ;  Only the truth can make us survive. “

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