SARAJEVO: MASS GRAVE OF Exterminated Sarajevo SERBS uncovered

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At 27 meters depth remains of dozens of people who are believed to be the missing Sarajevo Serbs uncovered.

Human bones, believed to be the remains of Sarajevo Serbs killed during the war were uncovered at the city landfill in Sarajevo. Sarajevo city dump is believed to be a mass grave of hundreds of Sarajevo Serbs from Pofalići, Buca Potok,  Velešići, Alipašino  and other areas. The discovered remains belong to Serbs whose families and relatives have been vainly searching for even two decades after the war ended.

Although the Prosecution allowed media presence during the exhumation, the manager of the landfill banned their presence at the site. Milan Mandic, of the Association of Families of Prisoners and Missing Persons of Sarajevo Romanija region, couldn’t hide his anger and disappointed with such a decision, adding that it will not prevent them from uncovering the truth about the thousands of missing Sarajevo Serbs whose remains have been thrown at this location.


Detail from the Sarajevo landfill 

Another crucial thing remains unresolved: who ordered those killings of Sarajevo Serbs and who hided the crime for so long
During the war the whole area of the landfill has been under the management and control of the (Bosnian Muslim) government of Sarajevo. After decades of obstacles the research started and Ministry of Interior of Srpska and the Office of the Missing of Eastern Sarajevo organized an excavation which confirmed: the Sarajevo landfill is the site of a mass grave of over hundreds of murdered Sarajevo Serbs.

In  Muslim and Croatian concentration camps over 50 000 Bosnian Serbs and whole  Serbian families had been tortured, raped and starved. One of the most notorious was known as the Sarajevo Auschwitz – former Yugoslav army camp, Viktor Bubanj :

” Today under thousands of tons of debris and garbage, the evidence of what has been known but always rejected both by Sarajevo and International community, appeared:  human remains have been found at 27 meters depth.  The excavations confirmed  that we should expect discovery of  minimum several dozens of victims, and we believe that there are the primary and secondary site, “said Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Institute for Missing Persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina. According to him it has been for a long time not only a burial  place for murdered Serbs,  but for erasing evidences of the genocide against Serbian population of Sarajevo as well. ”
Discovery of a mass grave at the Central Landfill in Buca Potok in Sarajevo is just one more proof that Muslim authorities during and after the war planned and systematically did everything in order to hide the traces of murders of Serbs in this city, says Nedeljko Mitrovic, Head of  Organization of Families of Captured and Killed Soldiers and Missing Civilians.

– Bosnian Muslims are doing everything in order to present Sarajevo as a place of their suffering, as their Golgotha and hence in every way, by whatever means, they did everything to destroy the slightest evidence of killings of Serbs. Unfortunately, it was done with the tacit approval of the international community – said Mitrovic.

– It took us to two months to remove tons and tons of trash, and  to do the test digging, to reach the remains of dozens of Serbs killed in the most heinous way in Sarajevo during the war, whose remains were transported and dumped in the trash to the city dump in Buca Potok for which we have evidence – the president of the Association of Families of Missing Sarajevo Romanija region Milan Mandic says.

Nedeljko Mitrovic added that the Buce landfill was  just one of  many places where the bodies of those killed have been dumped  or subsequently transferred.

–  Soon after the war ended, a decision on the alleged sanitary cleaning way brought by Sarajevo (Bosnian Muslim) authorities and thus many mass graves were relocated entirely legally, but their last location  is still unknown, because the municipal authorities don’t have the related documents.  However, it is necessary to research police archives as well because something has to be there, some trace always remains, – Mitrovic said, adding that during the relocation    there was no DNA nor related  experts in Sarajevo when the mass graves were opened; therefore all the uncovered remains  have immediately been marked as  “animal”.


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