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Everything is the same as in Kosovo , Iraq, Libya; same rhetoric , same lies , same goals , but it is now Syria ‘s turn

August 31, 2013 by


The great lie first appeared on 22 March 1990.  Western European TV screens were flooded with images from Podujevo , Urosevac , Lipljan, Vučitrn , broadcasting pictures of the people falling down like wheat or frantically throwing themselves on the ground, lying with bulging eyes, while  young men in white coats were holding them down . […]

30. August 1995. – 30. August 2014: anniversary of NATO aggression on Republika Srpska

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On that day in 1995. NATO began bombing of  Republika Srpska  (RS); the aggression  lasted until 14. September and resulted in killing several hundreds of  civilians.   During the period the NATO aircrafts dropped 1,026, boms with total weight of explosives: 10,000 tons. NATO officilas admitted  use of radioactive ammunition, saying that it was done […]

Entrusting home to arsonists – KFOR (NATO in Kosovo) handed over safeguarding of Serbian shrines to ‘Kosovo’ (Albanian) police

August 29, 2013 by


Protection of Serbian cultural and religious heritage in Kosovo has been one of NATO/ KFOR’s duties. After 14 years and destruction of  over 200 Orthodox shrines,  so-called Kosovo police  took over the role of providing  Serbian Orthodox monasteries and Patriarchate in Pec , so that the  international troops in Kosovo provide only Visoki Decani . […]

Britain and the Muslim Brotherhood: Collaboration during the 1940s and 1950s

August 28, 2013 by


An edited extract from Mark Curtis’ latest book, Secret Affairs: Britain’s Collusion with Radical Islam :  The Second World War witnessed the continuing growth of the Muslim Brotherhood, which developed under Hassan al-Banna’s leadership into an Islamist mass movement. It had become the largest Islamic society in Egypt and had set up affiliates in Sudan, Jordan, Syria, […]

Direktiven fiir das Verhalten gegeniiber das Bevolkerung in Serbien.” (Orders for behaviour towards the Population in Serbia, by the 9th Austrian Corpskomando, August, 1914.

August 24, 2013 by


Mass murder of Serbs in Macva The following are extracts from " Direktiven fiir das Verhalten gegeniiber das Bevolkerung in Serbien." (Orders for behaviour towards the Population in Serbia.) Issued by the 9th Austrian Corpskomando in August, 1914. Here in its stark simplicity is laid bare the origin of some of the horrors that […]

Heroic Serbia, 1916. ‘from the French of Victor Bernard’, Piccadilly, 1916.

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Everyone  interested in real history, (not the most available one and usually forged on Wikipedia), and not  in the messed up and written by politically correct mythomaniacal  scribomans, can still find her in old ancient books.  Before staged massacres, false chemical attacks and NWO globalism and global greed, history was considered as something almost sacred […]

Holy War: dead Bosnian Muslims laugh and call for jihad in the middle of Serbia

August 22, 2013 by


The Bosnian Muslim  website Sandzak Press published more than a dozen photos of their martyrs who were killed  while fighting against  Syrian president Assad. The editor put the headline “See the smiles of the martyrs in Syria,” The extremely disturbing photgraphs released by the ‘Sandžak’ (South Western Serbia, Raska)   are followed by comments: “He […]