Memorial to victims of the Croatian Ustasha terror in Livno area 1941

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Association “Ognjena Marija Livanjska” organizes memorial to victims of Croatian terror in the Livno area 1941. when the Ustashas killed more than 1600 Serbs.The sad anniversary shall be marked on 28. July in Belgrade, in Saint Marko Church at 11:30 pm.


Serbs murdered by Croatian Ustasha troops, Livno, end of July 1941. 

Memorials will be held also in Banja Luka on 29 July in the Church of “St. John the Baptist” in Laus and in Livno in the “Assumption of the Virgin” Orthodox Church and in the Chapel of the mausoleum on the day of the Calvary, 30. July at 10 am.

The Association shall invite displaced inhabitants of Livno and descendants of the victims, their friends and admirers to the memory of the Serbian victims whose lives have  been brutally taken away 72 years ago, without any reason and guilt,  to attend the memorial.

In July 1941, Croatian troops, Ustashi killed more than 1,600 Serbs in Livno and the area.  Livno and other villages were emptied, and some families exterminated .

In the scaffolds in Prolog, Kamešnica, Tušnica, Borova glava, Koprivnica, Kruzi, Trnovac, schools in Čelebić and Samogred and local pits, Ravni dolac, Bikuša, Suhača … remained corps of men, women, elderly and children, 250 of whom were under 6.