Croatia – The memorial plaque to Serb victims of Ustasha camps DESTROYED For the THIRD TIME

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PAG, 22 JULY / ATA / – memorial plaque to  Serb victims of Ustasha camps Slano and Metajna on the island of Pag, which are part of the complex Jadovno , has been destroyed for the third time since it was released, reports Serbian National Council / SNC /.

The plaque was destroyed on the night between Thursday and Friday, 18 and 19 July, after the 29th June set in the Coordination of Jewish Communities, the Association “Jadovno in 1941.” of SABA and the Serbian National Council.
SNC requires that the perpetrators of this criminal offense as well as the previous ones, have to be  found and prosecuted according to the laws and the Croatian Constitution.

The memorial plaque to victims of Croatian Ustasha camps on the island of Pag was first set up in 1975. , and destroyed 1991, when the neo Nazi Croatia was re born; it was rebuilt in 2010. again  and two days later it was destroyed.

“It is unacceptable that again there’s no responses from the authorities, there is no reaction of those who are obliged to protect the legacy and memory of the victims of the Second World War and the legacy of anti-fascism,” said the SNC. The statement pointed out that it is almost unbelievable that the representatives of the people and victims,  anti-fascists didn’t rise against revisionism in all the spheres of the Croatian society.

“Indifference doesn’t  only insult the memory of the victims, but also opens  door to fascist behavior of young Croats who are celebrate  singing  lyrics that glorify killing of Serbs on the streets of the capital or at the foot of the monument in Jasenovac, ” noted the SNC.   SNC also stated that such a phenomena in Croatia today should not be a problem exclusively of representatives of minority groups, but should also be the subject of interest of the Croatian state politics.
Croatian NAZI Camp Slano on the island of Pag was established for Serbian men and Metajna for Serbian women and children.  According to Italian documents and survivors’ testimonies  a very large number of Serbian people have been  murdered and thrown into the sea.

Jadovno deca

Serbian children in Croatian concentration camp in Pag island 

Thousands of tourists from Croatia, Serbia, B&H, Europe and the world visit Pag and its famous Zrće beach every year;  however, most of them probably have no idea that on the very island, near the beach, were concentration camps for Serbs during the Second World War.

Плажа Зрће

“What people don’t know is that Zrće is about eight kilometres from the village of Metajna, where in June 1941 the first camp for Serbian and Jewish women and children in the Second World War was opened, and next to it was camp ‘Slano’, which received its first inmates on 24 June, 1941”,

He said that on the location of “Slana” camp a memorial plaque was raised in 1975, and it  was destroyed in 1991 by the neo ustashi Croats.

The Serbs from the Slano  were murdered by tying rocks around their necks and cutting open their belles so that they would not float out, and then they were thrown overboard into the sea where people today are partying and swim”, he stated and added that the attitude of the Croatian authorities towards this execution sites is devastating.

Besides the fact there is often no plaque there,  there is not a single mark that 70 years ago Croatian nazi concentration camps ever existed.

All  Croatian websites promote the whole cite as a Croatian Ibiza, so one can  only see invitations to tourists to have fun in Pag, Slano i Metajna concentration camps.

“One of them is ‘Come and enjoy the Slano Bay’, then ‘Feel the mystical silence that dominates, disturbed only by cries of seagulls and eagles’, and they invite people to scuba dive and enjoy the depths of the sea off the coast where inmates were thrown in’, said Bastašić and added that there are photographs of people sunbathing on the location where Italians exhumed 793 bodies of inmates and 91 children.

Imagine building an amusement park or a golf course near ‘Jasenovac’. This thing on Pag is unbelievable hypocrisy.  It is inconceivable that the Croatian authorities are trying to hide the truth about what happened therein, every possible way.

Complex “Jadovno”

According to the research conducted so far on the complex of Ustasha camps “Jadovno – Gospić 1941”, which also include the island of Pag, no fewer than 40,123 victims were murdered, 38,010 Serbs, 1999 Jews and the rest were ideological opponents of the Independent State of Croatia.

To remind you, this year 70th anniversary of the suffering in “Jadovno” was marked, as well as the “Jadovno” 1941 Remembrance Day, and in Banja Luka, on 24 and 35 June, the First International Conference on the Complex of Ustasha Camps “Jadovno – Gospić” 1941 was held.

This complex killed tens of thousands of Serbs and also Jews from all parts of the so-called Independent State of Croatia. “Seven decades after the founding of the Ustasha death camp victims’ representatives of the people are forced once again to recall the extent of the evil Ustasha regime and fascism that is now systematically denies, reduces or suppresses” said the Serbian National Council.

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